Do you know, if you have bought the domain from any domain name service provider, your name and contact info can be visible through Whois websites like and many more sites like this who provides whois searching tools. Most of the domain name registrar also provides whois lookup tool from where someone can view the domain owner and contact them if needed.

Do you know you can protect your Whois information by adding WhoisGuard Privacy Protection add-on when purchasing your domain name? It cost some bucks but by doing so, you will not get contacted by hosting companies, phone calls for selling website designing services and many more. So WhoisGuard Privacy Protection is must whenever you buy a new domain for your business.

How To Hide Domain Information from Whois for FREE

Currently, there is a promotion run on namecheap from where you can get WhoisGuard Privacy Protection for FREE for your domain. WhoisGuard by Namecheap is a service can help you protecting your privacy and keep your sensitive data safe. Good news is you don’t need any namecheap whoisguard coupon. Just check out this promotional link and grab FREE whois guard protection for your domain.

So why are you waiting for? Just grab this awesome FREE offer and protect your sensitive data from spammers, marketing firms, and online fraudsters marketing agencies.

Grab Your FREE WhoisGuard Protection

Do share your comments in the comments section below, what do you think? WhoisGuard privacy protection is needed or not?


  1. After the new privacy and proxy service policy launched by ICANN, it is now automatically hide domain information from Whois database. Although nice information.

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