It’s worst feeling when you have absolutely no home and you are deep in debt. Maybe because of a loan or debt money that you have borrowed from someone and living paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to quickly get out of debt when you are broke but consider changing your lifestyle a little bit to save more money to pay for your debt.0

How To Get Out of DebtCreating get out of debt plan

We need to come up with creative ways to pay off all your debt & for this you will need to create get out of debt plan. You need not cut your expenses but be more productive to increase your income.

Have a Plan & Stick to it

If you have not any budgeting plan yet, consider creating your budget plan as soon as possible. So that you will come to know where exactly your money is being spent and how you can control your overspent money.


So first, Check out your previous month’s bank statement & find unwanted expenses. You need to be careful when making new expenses, eating out or buying any shoes that are available at a discounted price. Whenever you are going to purchase anything, ask your self, is it really important? If yes, buy it.

Cutting Expenses

Now check your all monthly bills from smallest to largest one. Find out which thing you can live without. Negotiate your internet bills, car insurance or cell phone bill. Cut your cable connection for a few months & use that money at debt.

You can sell your WiFi connection to your neighbor and cut off your internet expenses.

Sell Unwanted Stuff

Just check around you, which is the unwanted thing that you have bought and not using it anymore. Sell it online on eBay or post an ad on Craigslist & collect cash.

Use Coupons

Try using online coupons, money saving apps, meal planning apps to cut your food budget. There are a lot of websites that provide you coupons make your purchase. Use Ebates like websites to make a purchase online to receive cash back on your shopping. Along with that, you will also find coupons to get discount on your purchase.

Signup for Ebates to get $10 FREE signup bonus when you shop online worth $25+ from Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Wallmart like stores.

Stop Borrowing

If you are already in a debt, make sure you don’t borrow more money, only and only if there is an emergency then consider this. As when you borrow more you will be in more debt.

Make Coffee at home

Instead of spending money on a coffee, say $3 for each day & you are taking coffee for 5 days per week. Means total $15 spent that may be $15 x 12 = $180 per year. Likewise, change your money spending habits and start tracking your spending to learn more how can you save more money to pay off your debt.

Emergency Fund

There are many unseen expenses you will see each month, so try small emergency fund before starting your debt snowball. An emergency fund can be only used when there is no way, it does not mean that when your friend comes to your home unexpectedly and you want to go out to dinner. Use that fund only when there is no other way

Increase your income

This is another way to bit inflation & get out of debt. Do overtime, signup for more shift. Do some part-time job like delivery food, as there is always a vacancy in fast food delivery shops. Just call up them & show them your willingness to work, you will get more work too. Swagbucks like site help you to get FREE gift cards & paid surveys to make a good amount of money.

Sidehustle online

How To Get Out of Debt When You Are Broke 1

I have already discussed this thing on making money online from a blog. In your spare time, create a blog & start blogging. It takes time but in the long run, you will start earning more & more passive income from your blog. If you don’t know what is blogging, I have created a free blogging course for you that will guide you for 7 days from a technical side to start making money online.


I have been reading a lot of personal finance blogs to find out the way to make more. I am not any financial advisor but I personally use the above tips to get rid of debt, in fact, I have already paid my office loan and now started investing money.