Most of the time, you might want to backup and export Firefox bookmark. The reason may be you want to change your default browser to another one or something else. But You might face some issue while backing up and exporting your Firefox bookmark if you don’t know the procedure to export it. Here we will discuss this useful tutorial with video guide, that will show you how you can quickly export your Firefox bookmarks on your computer.

How To Export Firefox Bookmarks
Exporting firefox bookmarks

It’s very easy to backup and export Firefox Bookmarks on the computer. Follow the steps mentioned below to export your Firefox bookmark on your computer.

Open Firefox browser & go to bookmark option. You can also press Ctrl + Shift + B to go to that window.

Export Firefox bookmark

Refer the image mentioned above to go to that bookmarked page. You will see a screen as shown in below image. Now click on Import and Backup option there.

Backup Firefox Bookmark on Computer

You will see Backup, Restore, Import bookmarks from HTML, Export bookmarks to HTML file. This option also allows you to import data from your other web browser.

Here we want to export bookmarks to HTML file, so we have to select that option. If you click on a backup option, it will export JSON file to your computer. If you want to move to the Google Chrome browser, should export bookmark file as an HTML. Since Google Chrome allows you to import HTML bookmark file in it.

Check out below video explaining exporting a Firefox bookmark published on YouTube. It includes step by step tutorial to backup and exports your bookmark quickly.

Do let us know if you want us to create any other video tutorials for you. We will help you to fix your issue.


  • Export Firefox bookmarks to an HTML file to back up or transfer bookmarks by Mozilla support


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