Once you started your blog, you will need traffic & followers on social media, right?

You can get traffic to your blog post easily as well as followers too. For that, you will need a high-quality blog post that is properly optimized for the search engine as well as your readers.

According to buzzsumo, only 50% all blog posts has more than 8 shares on social media.

Here is the little secret…

Most of the bloggers, including professionals really suck at marketing their blog post. It’s not just creating a well-drafted post & post it on your blog, but you will need to take the right steps to build the right relationship. You can drive a lot of traffic to your blog & make money from your blog for sure. Best Ways to Increase Traffic to your Blog

How to Increase Blog Traffic

Here I will show you steps to increase blog traffic in a few easy steps. Let’s get started

Quality Blog Posts

Your content should be outstanding with useful information, proper images, titles, headings, bullet points. I have seen many bloggers when they create a post, they open 4 to 6 tabs of relevant posts that are already posted about their topic, combine all of them together & post it. It works, but you should add your own words, experiences into it.

Try personalizing your content if you want to make your own personal brand, instead of writing a blog post in robotic style.

writing Quality Blog Posts

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You can proof-read the entire article once written to check for grammar. You can use Grammarly to check out any grammatical errors, as nobody is perfect. Try creating an evergreen content that never dies. When writing content or choosing a topic for your next blog post, keep your audience in your mind and write content accordingly if you are planning a long term blog & email list.

When you create an article, make sure it is as long as possible, according to buffer.com, an ideal blog post should be around 1600 words that are approx 7-minute read. Try describing your content as much as you can, so readers will not have to look for any other resource after reading your content.

Topic Selection

Whatever your niche is, you will need a topic to create your post on. To find the topic for your next blog post, look around the forums > filter those threads by views & find the questions that left unattended but has so many views.

Find the answer that left unattended, try creating in-depth article solving that problem. You can make use of Long Tail Pro keyword research tool to find long tail keywords for that topic that are easy to rank & get traffic to your blog.

Internal Links

When you write your content, make sure to link to relevant blog posts. This helps in SEO as well as reduce bounce rate on your blog. If your blog has a high bounce rate according to Google Analytics, try interlinking your content from old post to new as well as new post to old posts.

Interlinking helps in terms of SEO too, it passes link juice from one post to another and this way you can build a good engagement & reduce bounce rate. Your readers will read more pages from your blog post & expect more page views with the help of Internal linking structure.

Guest Post

It is the best way to get a traffic boost as well as getting a backlink from a niche relevant blog. Suppose, you own a blog in sports niche, find more blogs in sports niche that post content similar to yours.

Reach out to them and ask them if they accept a guest post on their blog. Some bloggers also create submit a guest post page where they list their criteria of accepting the guest contribution. Ask them to provide a quality guest post which is well-researched, proper images and optimized for SEO in exchange of a dofollow link to your blog post or page.

Not all blogger accept guest posts on their blog, some of them ask money to post your content. Don’t worry, if it receives good traffic or has a large number of keywords ranked on a Search engine, you can pay some money to get links from them. You can use SEMrush to check the traffic and keywords for any websites.

According to Google, Paid links are violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, so try to create content that is unique and sharable. So that, when you show it to someone in exchange of a Free guest post, they can’t deny your guest post proposal.

Optimize your Images for SEO

Images play an important role in SEO. If your image is properly optimized with the title tag, alt tags, name, you can easily get your image ranked on Search engine page too. You can check more details on optimizing your blog images for SEO from here.

Build Your Email List

An Email list is the best way to have your readers engaged with you, it’s like a phone number. Whenever you publish a new blog post on your blog, you can share with your email readers.

Your email list is one of the most valuable assets for your blog because search engine keeps changing their algorithm as well as social media, not your property. They can change their terms at anytime they want, but your email list is yours to keep. You have a key to tapping their inbox directly.

If you have not started with building your email list, start now. It’s not too late. You can use MailChimp Free or Convertkit (14 Days Free trial) to manage email lists. If you are just starting, I recommend you to go with MailChimp Free account, once you see your subscribers growing, you can upgrade to ConvertKit. I am using Convertkit to manage my email list & if you are planning a long term blog, I will recommend you to use it.

Using Email list to grow traffic to your blog

Weekly Roundup: You can create a weekly roundup email by giving best tips in your niche with your subscribers

Automated Email Series: Start creating an automated email series to get traffic more frequently.

New Post Updates: Whenever you post new content on your blog, share it with your email list so that your readers come to know about a new post and get on to your site to read your valuable content.

Posting Frequency

If you are posting content on weekly basis, make sure to maintain consistency. If your schedule is very tight, try scheduling your blog post, so that you can maintain your blog posting frequency effectively.

Scheduling blog post helps you to keep your blog running even when you are not available on the desk. Usually travel blogger use this feature more to publish their blog post on time, as they have to work when there is internet connectivity is there.

Blog Commenting

Once you publish your blog post, make sure to find at least 5-10 blogs and comments on it. Most of the blogs offer a nofollow link in the comment section, but you get a free backlink that will dilute your link profile.

Blog commenting
Image credit: pexels.com

Don’t comment like a spammer, be genuine and add some value to the content creator or blog posts so that it can get approved.

Make sure you have created your profile with gravatar.com so that your comment will have the photo you uploaded.

Be First

If you find any news on TV or news channel in your niche, try covering it on your blog. Other bloggers will refer your blog as a reference and give credit to your blog, this way, you get a backlink to your blog too along with traffic.

E.g. I have created a blog post on Amazon CPM when they launched it and I got a dofollow backlink from TechCrunch blog for this.

You can start following popular blogs in your niche or even create a Google alert for specific terms in your niche. So whenever the suggested keyword mentioned or some new topic is there on the web, you will get notified.

  • To create Google alert for your keyword, head over here.
  • Enter the keyword you want to get notified about
  • Filter your alert from the option
  • Enter your email address there to get notified

Creating Google Alert

This will send you an email notification whenever new content with that keywords posted & available on the web. So you can create a post about your niche first before anyone else.

Create a Sharable Content

If you are looking for the best solution for how to get more traffic to your blog, Try creating a blog post with top 25 or top 10 like content. Create an opinion post like smallbiztrends.com which mention all popular bloggers sharing their valuable advice.

Reach out to the popular bloggers in your niche, ask for their advice about the topic you are creating & let them know that you will mention them with their photos on your blog post. Most of them will give you advise and reply to you since you are marketing them as an expert. Who doesn’t need publicity?

How to Increase Traffic to your blog

Once you post content, ask them to tweet, share on their social media saying that, I have been featured on this blog. Once they share your content on their social media accounts, their followers will come to the blog to read your content.

If they find it useful, you get one more followers or subscribers to your email list.

Such content has a change of getting viral with less effort or without spending money on marketing.

Catchy Headlines

Whenever creating a new post, try to create some catchy headlines to get more CTR on search engine result page.

Title of your post is the first thing that people look at the Search engine result page, if your title is catchy enough, you will be successful in grabbing their attention.

One of the best ways to get more traffic is to increase the CTR(click through rate) on a search engine result page. You can increase your CTR using the catchy headlines which is your blog post title.

Suppose you are writing about how to increase blog traffic article, it’s a very common term for your blog title. Instead, you can try some of the following headlines that describe your topic best.

“10 ways to increase your blog traffic”

This will increase the curiosity of peoples to know what are that 10 ways? Let me check them out.

You can even create a title like, “How I gained 10000 page-views last month” but make sure you actually achieved that kind of pageviews that you will be sharing proof in your image to build your trust.

Try creating your blog post title that generates curiosity in people to know more about it. Remember, how much quality content you do have on your blog if you are not able to grab people’s attention by catchy headlines you will not be able to generate sales, leads, traffic to your blog.

Learn SEO

SEO means search engine optimization, that helps your site ranking first on Search engine results page. It has on-page factors as well as off-page factors that help ranking your web pages.

You can find out more about SEO from here. You can use SEMRush like a tool to audit your website & make necessary changes in your website to optimize it for a search engine.

Social Sharing Buttons

If you create valuable content & don’t give an option to share your post, who will share it?

You will not get traffic from social media. Best placement for putting social media buttons is below the title & at the end of a post.

Share it on Social Media

Once you create a blog post, don’t forget to share it on your social accounts or your brand’s social account.

So that whenever you share new content on your social account, your followers get notified on their social account & come to read your blog.

Social Media Graphics

When you create a blog post, make sure you create high-quality graphics for your social media accounts. Using Twitter Cards & Open Graph for Facebook will help you to drive more traffic from social media.


Pinterest is an Image search engine, likewise Google Image search. You can optimize your image for a search engine to drive traffic on your blog. Whenever you create a new post, make sure you create a graphics banner for Pinterest too & share it on your Pinterest account.

Try joining multiple Pinterest boards and share your high-quality image on Pinterest too. You will notice your traffic from Pinterest.

Google Image Search

When you post an image, make sure you properly optimize it with the title tag, alt tags for a search engine. So that you can also drive traffic from image search.

Make your site Mobile Responsive

According to statista.com, the number of smartphone users is forecast to reach 2.1 billion by 2020, so if you purchase a theme for your website or hire a web developer to design your website, make sure it’s mobile responsive.

Participate in Forums

Find niche relevant forums, find questions & posts that are closely related to the content posted on your blog. Answer them in-depth linking your website as a source or set your website link as your forum signature. So whenever someone read your post at that forum & finds it interesting, they will head over to your website to read more content like that.

I have listed some of the best ways to getting traffic to your blog posts. Have you ever used any of those techniques to receive more traffic to your blog? Do share your views in the comments below.


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