Google Photos is the FREE online cloud storage for Google Account users that allow you to store your high-quality picture and videos in unlimited quality. It only uses the basic internet connection to upload your photo from your smartphone & save them into your Google Photos Storage. To access your all uploaded picture and videos, only you have to log in with your Google User Account details. After upload, if you want to download your all pictures and video from Google Photos. But Google Photos App does not come with built-in download button to download your all content from Photos app on your smartphone.

Here, in this article, we have mentioned below how to download all your Google Photos content on your computer or Smartphone. Now follow these straightforward and easy steps to download your all Google Photos Content on your computer

How to Download Photos and Videos From Google Photos on my Computer

Step 1: First Open Any Web Browser (e.g., Chrome)

Step 2: Now open “” to log in with your Account details

Step 3: After this click on “Control Your Content” under the “Personal info and privacy” section

Control Your ContentStep 5: Here you have to click on “Create Archive” under the Download Your data

download all google photosStep 6: From the download your data page, Click on “Select None” button to deselect all selected services

how to download all photos from google photosStep 7: After deselecting all, Scroll down and select Google Photos and enable it by clicking on it

how to download all google photosStep 8: After selecting Google Photos, ¬†Scroll down and click on “Next” button

how to download google photosStep 9: Choose Archive file type like .zip/.tgz/.tbz, Then choose Archive size

Step 10: After this, you will need to choose a “Send Download Link via Email” under the Delivery Method

Step 11: Scroll down and click on “Create Archive” button

download all photos from google photosStep 12: Wait few seconds to preparing your archive, then click on download button

google photos backupStep 13: Now Google will show Gmail Login page again to login with your account details, here you have to log in with your account details

Now, wait few seconds to start downloading on your computer. We hope you have enjoyed downloading your Google photos backup to your computer. Do let us know if you have any difficulties in following those steps in the comments.