In this article, we will show you how to delete a page in word document files. Sometimes blank space or pages that needed to be removed from Microsoft Word document using Windows computer. This is the very simple and easy method to remove unwanted space from MS Word document on your Windows based computer system. Only you have to open the Word document that you want to delete space and unwanted pages.

Once you open the Word document, you have to use Backspace keyboard key to remove blank space from the word as you remove black space from note or Notepad. Now follow these simple steps to remove blank space and black pages:

how to delete a page in word

Method 1: Using “Backspace” Keyboard key

We can delete a page in word using the backspace key, follow these steps mentioned below to do so.

Step 1: Open the Word Document to remove space and black pages

Step 2: Now use the mouse cursor to point out the starting point below the black page.

Step 3: Here you have to press “Backspace” Keyboard key until the blank page is removed from the word Document.

Step 4: By using the “Backspace” keyboard key, you can also remove blank page as you remove blank space

Method 2_Using paragraph mark (¶)

In this process, you can remove blank space and blank pages from the MS Word document using the paragraph mark (¶). To delete blank page and Blank space from the any Word document, Only you have click on paragraph mark (¶) under the Home section on the top bar of the Word file. Or you can also press the key combination to show and hide paragraph mark (¶) on your Word Document,

Key Combination: (Ctrl+Shift+ *) to Show & Hide Paragraph mark (¶)

After this, you will see the Paragraph Marks (¶) on the blank space of the page.

Here you have to select and then press “Delete” keyboard key to delete them from the page.

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