The good thing about Bluehost is, it allows to host as many domains as we want on our shared hosting account. What if we have already associated domains with our Bluehost account and we want to delete a domain from Bluehost account? Here is how you can remove a domain from your Bluehost account that you no longer use?

Deleting Domain from Bluehost

If you want to add or remove subdomains, check this guide here, as managing subdomain works a totally different way. But if it is a primary domain or any other domain that you have set up with your Bluehost account, you can use this tutorial.

Follow the steps to delete a domain from Bluehost:

  • Login to your Bluehost account
  • On the top menu bar, select Domains from the list

how to delete domain bluehost

Once you select the Domains from there, you will be taken to the page from where you can manage your domains associated with your hosting account. Scroll down that page to see the list of domains that are linked to your Bluehost account.

  • Select the domain that you want to delete from your Bluehost account.

Once you select the domain from the list, you will see domain management option just beside that with domain expiry date, DNS zone editor, Cpanel type, subdomains and much more information from there. Since we want to remove a domain from Bluehost account, we need to Un-Assign domain from there.

Deleting a Domain from Bluehost account

  • Select Un-assign option from there.

It will ask for your confirmation for Unassigning a domain from your Bluehost account. You will also see a message that no files will be lost if you continue with unassigning a domain.

Deleting domain from bluehost

What does UnAssign Domain Do?

To set up a domain name with Bluehost, we need to assign it to Bluehost account. Then only we can configure and setup WordPress or any other CMS on it. If a domain name is not assigned, we can not do anything on that domain as the domain is not assigned and can not be managed from Bluehost.

If we unassign domain from Bluehost, it means that we no longer able to manage or Install any CMS on that particular domain from our Bluehost account. No file loss will happen, a file associated with your domain remains as it is that you can delete it later. But it is recommended to take a backup of your files associated with that domain to avoid any data loss.

  • Once you click on the Unassign button, it will delete a domain from your account & take you to the domains page again.

Domain Delete BluehostHere you will see a success message of a domain was successfully unassigned from your domain list.

Yeah, you have done!

How to delete a primary domain from BluehostHow To Delete a Domain from Bluehost 3

Another question was asked by one of our blog reader saying that he has more than 1 domains listed with their Bluehost account. Primary domain associated with Bluehost and he wanted to remove the primary domain but not other domains.

I have discussed this thing with Bluehost technical support team and according to them, there must be any 1 domain should be associated with their hosting account. It means that, if we want to remove any primary domain associated with Bluehost account, we will need another domain that we can use as a primary domain on Bluehost. (That will be used to login to Bluehost too, once your primary domain gets deleted from Bluehost).

So how to remove primary domain from Bluehost:

You can’t do that manually. You will need to chat or speak with Bluehost tech support team saying that you want to remove X domain name(Primary domain name) from your account and want to use Y domain as a primary domain.

Support team will take your request and help you in changing your primary domain associated with your Bluehost account. It usually takes around 24 working hours to finish migration & you can expect downtime too. You can always discuss this thing with Bluehost representatives.

I hope this article has helped you in removing any other domain or primary domain from your Bluehost account. If you still have any questions about this topic, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.