Bounce Rate is an important factor in Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Say your site is getting 10,000 visits per day but all visits give you only one or two page impression, not more than that.Means peoples come to your website from search engine but could not find the provided information useful, so they will leave your blog and search another site from search engine.

How to decrease bounce rate of any website

What is Bounce Rate?

In simple words, Bounce rate is the best way to analyze blog’s visitors activity.As much your site’s bounce rate is low, as the valuable your site is. Bounce rate is calculated from the visitors vs pageviews. It is counted number of page views per visitors. Bounce rate is not exit rate, both are different things.This wikipedia article will explain you how to calculate Bounce Rate effectively.

Suppose your webpage gets 1000 visits but 500 peoples leave your page after reaching to your page just after seeing it. The brouse no other pages of your website except that one.So your bounce rate will be 500/1000= 0.5 = 50%

How To Decrease Your Site’s Bounce Rate:

1. Ads placements: Ads are the best way to monitize any blog but too many ads will decrease your webpage’s look as well as increase your site’s bounce rate. As no one likes to watch an advertisements.Advertising inside the articles or too close to site navigation will give you more clicks & earn revenue but your visitor will see forced ads from you.

If you place ads in proper way, you will get clicks as well as good readership from your readers. Remember, too many ads will increase your bounce rate, so try better ads placement on your site and decrease your bounce rate effectively.

2.Site loading time & design:  If you are using heavy theme for your blog, it will take too much time than other sites, so visitors with slow internet connection will immediately close your website as they have no time to wait until your page loads.instead they will prefer to browse another website.

Try to lower your site’s loading time, so that it loads faster.You can try PageSpeed Insights service from Google Developers to check and analyse your blog loading time & improvement tips on it.

3.Easy site navigation: Your blog should have easy navigation system to navigate from one page to another page. For that you can try related post widgets like nRelate, Linkwithin, Outbrain that shows similar posts from your blog at the end of post.So that your visitor will not leave that page after reading one article, but will also see another related posts from your blog.

If you know internal linking, than you can do manual interlinking your content as like Labnol, or you can use WordPress plugin to interlink your content.If possible, you can also add search bar on your site that will allow peoples to search content from your website.

4.External links in new tab: You should set external links to be opened in new tab only. As it will help your visitor to stay on current page and also he can browse another webpage from your site. So the visitor will remain on your page, not leave it until he close the tab.

open external links in new tab in wordpress

You just have to tick mark the option to open link in a new window/tab while adding link in your WordPress blog. From now, remember,whenever you are adding links to external sites(except your site), force it to open in new tab.That will decrease your website’s bounce rate.

5.Content is King: Remember that content is king. Try to write content of your owns, never copy anything from any website. Try to write easy words with short sentence, so that peoples can easily understand. Add italic, bold and underlined fonts whenever needed and use H1, H2, H3 tags when necessary.

Those are effective tips used by me to decrease bounce rate for my blogs, if you too using any other tips to decrease bounce rate on your site, you can share it by commenting in the comment section below.


  1. Hi Bhavesh,

    A very timely and helpful bost. Many of us experience fluctuations in site bounce rates. It is a tricky affair. All your points are really worth emulating. Will make a note of these and share with my friends too.

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. Awesome post! All the 5 listed tips are really useful and effective to decrease bounce rate, especially the fourth tip to open external sites in a new window/tab. Thanks Bhavesh for sharing this info 🙂

  3. I’m trying to reduce the Company bounce rate down a bit , I have a horrible feeling as I spend all day on the site I’m skewing the results 🙁 whats a good bounce rate to aim for?

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