Recently I have switched to Sendy from Convertkit as it’s quite cheaper option & I could save $29/month recurring expenses, so I could probably use that money somewhere else. If you want to have a cheap email marketing option for you, just grab Sendy from here and stop paying monthly recurring charges to your email service provider, if you just want to set up an email autoresponder and building an email list.

Here in this article, I will help you with setting up your first email list. After your Sendy setup is done, you will need to add a brand on your Sendy dashboard, so it will look as below image.

Creating First Email list with Sendy

We just need to click on Brand that we just created to set up an email list from there.

  • Click on “View All Lists” from there
  • Click on “Add a new list” button

Creating Your First Email list with Sendy

  • Name your Email list” > Click on “Add Button

Now your list is created & you will be taken to the next steps of importing subscribers. It’s very essential thing if you are already having a few subscribers or you are migrating from other email service providers. Just export your email list from your old email service provider as an excel or CSV file and import your subscribers to Sendy.

You will have two options to import your subscribers to Sendy.

  1. Using CSV file
  2. Using Direct Name & Email address

How to Import Subscribers to SendyAfter you import your subscribers to the newly created list, You can create Autoresponders with Sendy or leave it as it is. You can select the created list directly, while you create a new email for your subscribers, just select list to which you want to send email to.

Imported Subscribers to Sendy

You will also get subscribe form which you can directly use on your blog for Sendy autoresponders. If you are good at Webdesign, you can also make use of HTML code to design a beautiful email subscription box for your blog.

So this was a short tutorial on creating an email list on Sendy, It’s a great tool that will not charge you on a monthly basis. If you would like to have Sendy for your blog, you can get Sendy from here.

If you have any questions about Sendy, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.