In this article, we will show you how to convert any image format to PDF format using your existing function of your computer system. Anyone can convert all types of image format like JPEG, and PNG, to PDF format. The PDF format can make them very easier to send others. This process only takes a few seconds. You can convert JPEG to PDF on every version of Windows operating system.

How to convert jpg to pdf

How to convert jpg to pdfUsing MS Word

This Method Works on every Windows Operating system like Windows 10, Windows 8.0 or 8.1, Window 7 or earlier. In this method, only you have to create a new MS Word file on the Desktop then open it.

Now select “Insert” option on the top left side of MS Word screen. Here you have to insert a JPEG image file that you want to convert into pdf format. Now Save as a PDF format. For simple, follow these steps to convert JPEG into PDF format

Step 1: On the Desktop, create new “MS Word” File and Open it.

Right Click (Mouse) > “New” > “Microsoft Word Document”

Step 2: Now choose “Insert” option on the top left side of the MS Word screen

“Insert” > “Picture”

Step 3: Here you have to choose a JPEG format file that you want to convert into PDF format

Step 4: Now Set the page type, e.g. A3, A4, Latter, B4, B4 anything you want to use

To set Size; “Page Layout” > “Size”

Step 5: After inserting image on word file, adjust the image size for better

Step 6: Once All things are completed, Click on “File” option then choose “Save As” option

Step 7: Now use the drop down menu to select “PDF(*.pdf)” option and rename filename if you want.

Step 8: Choose Location to save file on, then finally click on “Save” to complete the action.

Using Google Drive

In this method, you need a basic internet connection and one Google Account to access Google Drive. Now Follow these steps:

Step 1: First of all,  Open Google Drive on your computer using Web Browser
(e.g Chrome Browser)

Step 2: Now click on “New” option on the top left side of Drive screen

Step 3: Then choose “File Upload” option and upload JPEG image file that you want to convert into PDF format

Step 4: After uploading, double click on image file to open it

Step 5: Now click on “Printer” icon on the top right side of screen to print

Step 6: Here you have to choose a “Save As PDF” option under the destination

Step 7: Now simply click on “Save” button to save on your computer.

We hope this tutorial on how to convert jpg to pdf file format has helped you. Do let us know how do you convert pdf to jpg or jpg to pdf file format in the comments.