Commenting on other’s blog is the easiest way to drive more traffic to our blog.Another importance of commenting is that we can get backlink to our from our posted comment.Specially it is useful in SEO point of view.

The Art of Leaving a Comment

Why We are commenting on other blogs?

-The post we are reading on other blog is something interesting.

-We want to discuss on the topic posted on the article.

-We want to encourage new website owner to post more interesting topic.

-Something we could not understand on the article & we want to get answer for that.

-To get backlink if the blog comment section is dofollow or it is commentluv blog.

What will you Get by commenting?

1.Get Noticed-The blog owner & blog commentator will see you joining the discussion.

2.Get exposed-Most of readers are reading comment after reading blog posts,so some reader might like your valuable comment and get connected to your blog by visiting your website link.

3.Get Backlinks-Mostly the most of bloggers are posting comment just to get backlinks.Commenting is the easiest way to get backlink,so it you are ultimately building backlink for your blog by commenting on their blog.

What kind of comments always get rejected?

As the tittle of the post suggests,it commenting is art & everyone should learn art of leaving comment to get their comment approved.Chances of comment rejection will increase more if you only posts those word in comment section of any post.

-Great article.

-Thanks for sharing.

-Awesome information.

-Good idea, keep it up.

Those words are appreciating words but only using those word can mark your self as spammer in bloggers mind,because most of bloggers including me hates such comments.Such comments are generally marked as spam if your blog has enabled antispam plugins.So using some genuine words can lead your comment to the way of approval.

What you can write on comment to get it 100% approved?

Let me share my commenting idea,How I am commenting.I generally read whole article of any blog I visit.First of all writing author’s name by saying him Hi.Hi is the general word used to calling people.It directly attracts authors attraction.So saying Hi followed by authors name is great start.I am sharing my own view about the topic.If I am agree with it I say or disagree with some points I describe there why I disagree.

Generally article writer had researched a lot to post article,so we should obviously appreciating his post with our views.Descriptive comments are always getting approved.Share your views about this post and how you are posting comment on other blogs.


  1. It’s so true, more people need to read this and understand the importance of good comments!

    Also it drives me nuts when I see the comments that just say, first! or second!

    • Yes, I agree with you. It’s really awful when I see the comments like first or second, I mostly come across these kind of comments on Youtube.

  2. Getting exposure and backlinks are most important benefits of commenting on other blogs. And yes, leaving descriptive comments always helps in getting approved by the author. Thanks Bhavesh for the this wonderful article on art of commenting 🙂

  3. Hi Bhavesh,
    I agree, commenting is a great art, and some people really misuse it!
    However, these days, blog owners are so vigilant against spam that those who attempt it are usually singled out and deleted! For this reason I fail to see how people can think they will benefit from spam, because even automated antispam softwares such as askimet are very adept at picking out rubbish!

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