Living in India and buying stocks that are listed on the USA stock exchange? sounds crazy right? but technology nowadays allows us to do so.

Disclaimer: I am not financial advisor or expert, but I am just sharing information which I have learned from my personal experience to help peoples. I hope my experience will help you in your financial journey.

When we think about investing, diversification plays an important role in stock investment. If you are investing in the Indian stock market through multiple sectors & industries, some investor tends to think across Indian’s border for investment opportunities. They diversify their investment through multiple stock exchanges listed in other countries like the USA.

The main reason behind this is, Tesla, Amazon, Facebook like popular brands are not listed on the Indian stock exchange, if you want to invest in those stocks you will need to buy them from the stock exchange where they listed. You can’t find Tesla stock on BSE or NSE, you will need to buy them from New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. So, in today’s discussion, we will be discussing how to invest in US stocks from India.

How To Buy US Stocks From India

I have just learned from a YouTube Video about investing in the US market & found it interesting. I suddenly created an account with the IndMoney to see how to goes. I have immediately updated my Adhar card, PAN Card details on the site which is required for verification purposes to signup for a USA trading account.

You can signup for a FREE IndMoney account and you will receive 250 INDCoins which can be used to purchase bitcoin from the app as well. Make sure to enter Referral code: BHAV8A80 at the time of signup so that you & I both receive 250 INDcoins as a signup bonus.

IndMoney App Review by EhowPortal

You will see the above dashboard after uploading your Aadhar card & PAN card images to the app. Their approval process seems fast, as it was approved almost within an hour or two.

How IndMoney Works

To buy Indian stocks, you will need a trading account like Zerodha or 5Paisa. A Demat account is different from a trading account where your purchased share stored. You can buy stocks using a trading account & they will transfer your purchased stock to your Demat account.

Likewise, the IndMoney app lets you trade USA stock from India. They don’t manage your USA Demat account, your Demat account is created with Drivewealth LLC which is a digital trading technology company that offers digital brokerage solutions to broker-dealers, advisors, and online partners worldwide through its proprietary investment platform.

All your transaction goes through Drivewealth LLC, not IndMoney. Your purchased stocks will be held in your Drivewealth LLC Demat account.

How to buy international stocks from india

I have just signed up yesterday and I am in process of adding money to my account to start with.

You can’t make payments using a credit card or net banking within an Indian bank. You will need to transfer money to the Drivewealth LLC account which you will get under Add money section of the App.

DriveWealth Bank account with IndMoney App

With HDFC, ICICI, or IDFC bank, you can enter their beneficiary details into your net banking account to transfer money online. If you have any other bank, you will have to go to the bank to transfer money to your DriveWealth Demat account.

For Axis Bank

When I clicked on Axis bank, they generated a pre-filled Retail Outward Remittance form from Axis Bank with my name & DriveWealth’s bank details on my email address, which is very good. I just need to print that document, fill the highlighted part & submit it to my bank to transfer money but it will take around 5-7 days & the physical form has to be submitted. Better to choose HDFC bank for me.

For HDFC Bank

You will need to add your bank details to send & withdraw money to your account. I have added Axis Bank as well as my HDFC bank account to see which works best. As mentioned HDFC supports online fund transfer, I have added them as a beneficiary now.

Adding Banks to IndMoney AppI have planned to start with just 10,000 rupees to see what kind of charges levied on my account. Withdrawing money using the Indmoney app from the DriveWealth account will cost $20 as mentioned on the app. But I will see if there are any additional charges and update the post here with the exact charges I was charged on this post.

Note: You will be given your DriveWealth account number, make sure to fill up it in physical form. If you are making payment using HDFC, ICICI, or IDFC bank net banking, make sure you add your DriveWealth account number(looks like INUY000XXX) as a Further credit to information. So that DriveWalth can identify that payment comes from you & you will be able to see it as your credit balance in your account.

Adding Beneficiary Account in HDFC Net BankingWhen you add their bank details as a beneficiary in your HDFC net banking, you will get a success message like above. After 30 minutes of adding a beneficiary, you will be able to transfer funds from HDFC net banking to my DriveWealth account.

Buying Stocks

This is the most interesting part of this post. Once you transfer money from your bank to your Drivewealth account, you will start seeing your credit on your IndMoney app.

It’s similar like we buy stock from the Indian Stock market, just search for the stock you want to buy or sell.

Buying Facebook Stock from India

You just need to search Facebook from the search button, open it and you will see its price. You can see the stock price in both USD as well as INR from the top button.

To buy a Facebook share, just tap on the buy and you will see a second window where you will see your current balance in dollars. Good thing is that you can also buy a fraction of a share if you don’t have enough budget. Right now, I have sent a transfer money request from my HDFC bank yesterday, so that I am expecting my balance visible by early next week.

Now coming to the topic, you can buy the share in dollars or quantity. Suppose you have $100 in your account and you want to buy $10 worth of stock of Facebook, you can buy it. In India, we can’t buy a fraction of stock, but in the USA, it’s allowed to purchase a fraction of stock.

For example, you have 1/10 of Facebook stock in your account and they announce a dividend, you are also eligible to receive a 1/10 dividend accordingly.


Our money is absolutely secure as DriveWealth is a member of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation). All funds deposited are insured up to $500K of which $250K may be in cash by SIPC.


I am very excited to invest in USA stocks but as mentioned, I have made payment today and it will take around 3-5 days for the amount to be reflected in my account.

I don’t usually do intraday in any stock, I prefer long-term holding any stock. I have planned to buy Facebook, Google, Apple,, Microsoft & Netflix stocks in SIP mode for the next few months to see how it works.

If you want to invest in US stocks, you can signup for a FREE IndMoney account and start your journey today.

In my upcoming post, I will be discussing account charges, brokerage, and currency conversion charges that I have paid for buying US stocks, I will also do a test withdrawal to my bank to see how many charges I will have to pay again.

Stay tuned to the Ehowportal blog and I will see you in my next post.