images (46)Have you ever required someone to send you a file that is too small or even big? You can turn your Dropbox account into a way for all such people who prefer sending you files or documents without any hassle.

The reason behind is that Dropbox it is a great tool when it comes to syncing or backing up your files or documents between multiple mobile or computing devices. It is an incredible medium when it comes to uploading all your files and documents. You can share your account information to people you want so that they can share with you the required files or documents by uploading them to your Dropbox account directly. But, is there any way they can upload files to your Dropbox account without them having access to your account’s username and password. The answer to this is No!

Dropbox is great! However, it does not provide any facility to enable others to upload files directly to your account. This is a serious issue considering that fact on how many times you may have come across a scenario where we require co-workers or users to upload files so that they can be checked promptly. Such a great feature can be exceedingly beneficial when professionals and students are working in a group and everyone requires to upload files to a single directory.

There has been a great app which is known as the Dropbox Uploader, which can be utilized to upload files to the Dropbox account immediately. There is a complete script for it, which once is uploaded to the server, enable users to upload their files to another Dropbox account through a simple browser based Uploader. It is a quite a neat and user-friendly interface and works really well!
Before you are uploading the Dropbox folder comprising of the script to the server, you must edit the Index.php file via notepad, and then provide the email and password of your Dropbox account as well as the folder where you are considering uploading the files. That’s all about it!If you do not have dropbox account, you can signup for new dropbox account and get 2 GB cloud file hosting storage with Dropbox.

For this aforementioned step-by-step guideline, along with the screenshot, you can easily apply this feature and add files to another Dropbox account easily. In case, you want to imply some other new features into the script before uploading for better usability and added security, always make sure you take a demo with them before you upload the script to the server, and must always keep a backup. You should be making use of the DropItToMe, as it is based on this script and offers password protection feature as well.


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    wow.. its a great tips to send files to another dropbox account. I don’t know this tips before.

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  2. Yes, dropbox is a great tool top backup/upload files documents. and dropbox uploader is an awesome app to upload files to dropbox. Thanks for sharing and tweed 🙂

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