We have mentioned about an online alarm clock that helps you to set the timer. You can wake up at your scheduled time by using kukuklok like online web apps. Google calendar is also the best way to organize your task. Previously we have mentioned android app for task management that was the web app. This app was useful but for android smartphone users, Google calendar is the best app to add reminder and make their task organized.

Add Reminder to Google Calendar

Calendar apps are mainly used for scheduling task and stay organized. Google is also going to integrate Google calendar and to-do lists by introducing reminders.

Google Reminders will also be available for android or iPhone, also we can expect it to be available for web version too. Ultimately, you can say, Google calendar can synchronize across every platform like web, android, iOS and much more.

What are Reminders

Here is how reminder words in Google calendar. When you tap on adding task icon to add a new reminder on your calendar, you will notice reminder option is there. You just need to tap on that to create a new reminder from your smartphone.

Reminders are Smart like Personal Assistant

Reminders are very smart, it can even dial a number from your contact list when you add a reminder about calling your dad. It will get your dad’s phone number from your contacts and add it into the task.

Those calendars have default templates for email, read, text, call, check in for flights, cancel a reservation, meet someone and much more like those. Each of them is designed to find information on Google to provide you further context to your task.

The good thing about this is it will remain in your task list until you mark your task as done. So if you are not able to finish today’s assigned task, it will be carry forwarded into next day. It also stays synchronized across all platforms including Android as well as iPhone.

How to add reminder in Google Calender on Android

  1. Tap on Google calendar app icon
  2. Tap on plus red colored icon from bottom right corner
  3. Tap on Reminder
  4. Write about your reminder, choose a suggestion from there if any.
  5. Tap on Done
  6. It will ask for time, date and frequency of reminder
  7. To save your reminder, tap on save
  8. You will notice your reminder in Google calendar until you mark that task as done.

When you mark your task or reminder as finished in google calendar app, it will be there at that date and not carried forward further and marked as done on that day.

How to add reminder from browser

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. You will see excel like slots, click on any date you want to add reminder on
  3. On popup box, click on reminder
  4. type your reminder details or select from the suggestion
  5. Configure date, frequency and time of reminder
  6. Click on create option to add reminder on your google account

Google calendar or Other to do apps?

Do you think Google calendar is needful? Do you still need to stick with Google calendar or using any other to-do apps? Do let us know your views in the comment section below.

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