You may have seen many blogs have a title with the best product for 2019, some write them as the best products for September 2019. It’s a bit time consuming for changing the date and month of the post each time month or year changes, right?

Here in this article, I came up with a small trick that I have been using for my niche sites for a dynamic date, month or year in blog titles. So I don’t have to change the title of the blog when year or month gets changed and I could save a lot of my time that I can focus on my blog.

For Yoast SEO

I was previously using Yoast SEO that allowed me to place a small code on the title to make them dynamic on my WordPress blog.

Adding Dynamic blog post title with Rankmath

Yoast SEO Dynamic blog post title

When you create a new blog post, you can add the above code on the blog title on your SEO section of SEO by Yoast to change the SEO title of your blog post. When it gets indexed on the Search engine result page, it automatically picks up the correct field and you don’t have to change the title again and again when a date, month or year changed.

This is the best tactic I used for the blog post which is having a list of recommended products or affiliated products. This way, your article looks evergreen to search engine & better chances of getting organic traffic to your blog.

For Rank Math

I have switched to Rank Math WordPress plugin as I thought to change to another plugin will help me a bit more specific towards my SEO. Features are almost the same for both plugins except a few, so no need to switch to RankMath if you are already using Yoast SEO. It’s good plugin as well.

Adding Dynamic blog post title with Rankmath

Adding Dynamic Year in Blog Title in Rankmath SEO

The only difference in code, you can note from the image above.

Yoast SEO : %%currentmonth%% %%currentyear%%

RankMath SEO: %currentmonth% %currentyear%

Try this for your next affiliate blog post and make your content evergreen, so that you save a lot of time.

I hope this short tutorial has helped you a lot. If it has really helped you, please share it on social media to help us to grow. Also if you have further questions, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.