I have written an article on making money online from home recently & one of my readers has emailed me about freelance content writing charge. He was very much interested in offering content writing service as this is the only job that pays you instantly upon delivering.

If you create your own blog, it takes time to learn new things, implement & get results. But if you want long term passive income, I recommend you to start your own blog. If you don’t know about what is blogging or how to start your own blog, just leave your email address below & I will help you with step by step process to building your own blog.

Now the question is if you want to get paid instantly by writing article, how to find clients that pay you for writing? & how much you should charge for your content writing service?

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You should consider that content writing charges depend on various factors. You can check out those factors & charge for your content writing service accordingly to get most from your freelance content writing service.

Factors Affecting Content Writing Charges

Professional Experience

freelance writer rates

If you are just starting out & have no experience in content writing, you should charge a minimum possible amount to get hired for a content writing project. Experience matters most as your writing skill will be much improved by finishing your first few orders.

They hire you for their professional writing assignment, you write for them. Now they will ask you for revision for specific lines or ask you to modify it according to their needs. Never refuse to revise your content, ask their feedback & do needful according to their requirement. You will get much experience by revising content written by you instead of getting new & new orders.

Once you have enough experience, you can ask for a raise in your rates or you can close more clients with higher writing charges.

Industry Rates

If you are charging too much than industry freelance writing rates, chances that you will get no or fewer orders. If you charge very less than average cost, it may affect the whole content writing industry. So make sure you charge for content writing service based on your experience & average rate currently charged in industry.


If you are expecting native English content writer, they will charge $30 for 500 words as an average rate just for writing content. If you hire someone from the Philippines or India or any other countries than the USA, they charge $10 for the same content with the same rate.

The reason is native English speaker can write content without grammatical mistakes & more effectively as they speak, read & write in English. It’s their native language so they can create more effective content than other countries. You can use a FREE Chrome Extension like Ginger to make your content grammar free.

Hourly vs Fixed vs Per Word Charges

I have been in blogging & internet marketing field & I have seen many content writers charging hourly rates too, while some charge client per word basis while some ask for a fixed price for 500 words or 1000 words content.

When to charge hourly

When you are experienced enough & you have a several content writing task assigned to you, you will know how much you make each month. Divide what you make each month by 30 & again divide it by 24to get the hourly rate you are currently earning. Refer below chart to calculate your per hour rate you should charge for any content writing assignment.

Summary Amount
Monthly Earning $1,000
Daily Earning(Monthly Earning/30) $33.33
Hourly Earning(Daily Earning/24) $1.30

If you receive a lot of content writing orders and you have a busy schedule, you can calculate your hourly rate & charge your hourly rate. If there is an urgent order to be processed, you can charge more & take it on priority. This way you will make more without affecting your other ongoing projects.

Refer below charge for an industry average charges for content writing. I have prepared this chart based on my personal experience with the writers. It may vary from case to case basis, but it will give you an estimated idea of how much should you charge per hour for your content writing task.

Level Est. Per Hour (500 Words)
Entry Level $10-$20
Intermediate $25-$50
Experienced $50-$90
In Demand Expert $90-$150

When to Charge Fixed

If your client has not an idea or control of what you are doing, how will you do that & your client want it urgently or at the mentioned deadline. You can charge a fixed rate for your writing service. You can agree on the contract price shows results to your client, no matter how many hours you spend on it for research or writing it your self.

If you are a beginner, you can charge $10 for 500 words content & raise your rate when you get no revision. If you get a revision for your writing charges, you are not well experienced. When you get no revision, means the client is satisfied with your work & it’s the right time to increase your content writing charges.

When to charge per word

When you know your productive hours & can finish specific content by a deadline, you are an expert content writer your self.

When the primary focus of a client is to explain everything in an article, without any word requirement you can ask rates per words. No matter how many words you write but it should fully justify the title & what client want you to explain.

It’s better to charge per word basis when a number of words don’t matter. Don’t charge fixed rate at this time, as you will have to spend more time researching & gaining knowledge about a specified topic.

Refer the below chart I have created based on my personal experience with content writers I have worked till date. You can get estimated fees that you should charge from your client when they ask for your per word rates.

Level Charges Per Word($)
Entry Level .01-.05
Intermediate .05-.8
Experienced .9-.18
In Demand Expert .19-.35

How long does it take to write 500 words

It varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending upon your expertise level of that niche. For example, it took me around 2 hours to research & write content initially on my blog when I was a newbie. Now I know how to research topic & my content writing templates that help me to write content more effectively.

If you have good knowledge about the niche/topic you are writing on, you can write it within minimum time. If you don’t know anything about the topic, you would have to first spend time knowing & learning. Then only you can write on the topics.

Make more money even if you are not a Native English Speaker

If you are a non-native English speaker like me, don’t worry. You can use Grammarly to fix grammatical errors on your content & make your content more effectively.

You can use Grammarly if you are planning to offer content writing service more professionally & charge your client like English content writers. Check out how Grammarly can help you with your content writing assignment in below image.

how to use grammarly

I am using Grammarly premium version as it suggests everything in detail where I am making mistakes. However free version also suggests grammar, spelling mistakes. You can try out FREE Grammarly from here.

If you are offering only content writing service, I recommend you to have a portfolio website where you show how you work, your charges, your examples of content you have written, your client’s testimonial to build trust among your clients.

If you don’t know how to create your own blog, here is the complete step by step guide to creating a blog where you can show your portfolio & client’s testimonial.

How much do you charge for writing content? Which tools you are using to be more productive? Share your views in the comments below.