Hostgator Sucks? – Go For Best Alternative Bluehost

Hostgator Sucks? - Go For Best Alternative
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  1. Priya says:

    Well yes these days I too agree that there are some sort of issues going on with Hostgator. They are also unable to handle heavy trafffic. Faced issues when traffic is very high like 250 to 300 visitors at a time continuously then it cant handle. and bluehost can handle even 1000 visitors at a time with sharedhosting.

  2. Even I moved from Hostgator to Bluehost due to server issues…Now, my blog is having nil issues with Bluehost..

    1. Hi Radha Krishna,
      I have heard from lots of blogger about server issue from hostgator, however bluehost has very good customer response!

  3. akhilendra says:

    How about their VPS services, what are their charges and how is customer service. I am currently with Hostgator and i didn’t had any issues with them but looking at the complaints, i might be the next one.

    1. I have never heard single complaint from VPS service users.

  4. vipin says:

    i’m using hostgator for past 5 years, i haven’t faced any issues till now.But that is not the case with

  5. Mat says:

    hostgator is SOLD, all of their clients are transferring now to different hosting provider!

  6. Joseph John says:

    Hi Bhavesh, I agree that Bluehsot is better as you get a free domain. However I have also tried hostgator and they have really good cutomer service. Good writeup and info