I have a Lenovo laptop & using it more than a year.As we all know that laptops are runs either in battery mode or charging mode but whenever it is used either in an hour or two it gets heated.So I created a way to make my laptop cool.I think that is the unique thing I am doing because it is out of my budget to buy expensive laptop cooling pad just for personal use.

Inexpensive Laptop Cooling pad

Here is the image for the cooling pad that I am using for cooling my laptop.I had fitted stone on the wall to keep my desktop PC.It is all time cold & that’s why I am putting my laptop on the stone & heating originated by the laptop will automatically absorb by the stone.So there is no need to keep expensive cooling pad for my laptop & sometimes  I keep running my laptop whole night & day(24 hours) but no part of the laptop gets heated meanwhile.

Front view of my laptop

Here is the front view of the pad I am using to cool my laptop.Don’t look behind on the laptop because there are lots of wire placed that cannot be set in a proper way due to lack of time.

Side view of my laptop

If you don’t have a setup like me, you can use steel pad or keep your laptop in the upper position as shown in the image below to let exhaust fan of laptop exhausting the heated air from it.

DIY Ways To Keep Your Laptop Cool