I am planning for my next trip which will be Hingolgadh located near Jasdan. I have visited Rajkot 5-6 times but never explored nearby cities. Each time I went there & came back after finishing my work. But now it’s time to explore more places around me & this time I chose Hingolgadh to explore for my next Vlog.

Travelling to HingolgadhHingolgadh Nature Sanctuary is a tourist place that stands in the arid zone of the neighboring area of Saurashtra. During the rainy season, you can’t imagine the grasslands of this scrubby forest with various forms of life. This Sanctuary has spread over 654 sq km and announced as a sanctuary in 1980.

After that, another place on our wishlist is Hingolgadh fort & the next day will be to the Bhimora cave.

Right now, I have done my booking through redbus.in the website from Surat to Rajkot as this time I have intended not to ride a bike. I have also added a travel insurance policy in my bucket list while booking my bus online, will be sharing my personal experience with travel insurance in my next blog post.

My family has convinced me not to ride a bike and instead, I should travel by bus and train & this is the reason not to ride the bike on the long drive.

My journey will be reaching the Rajkot next morning, Going to the Jasdan village & stay 1 night there at Mr. Nitin’s relative’s home. Explore Bhimora & Hingolgadh Fort and the next day, I will move towards Rajkot again. From Rajkot to Surat, I will book a bus online to start my journey towards my home.

See you soon on my next blog. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see more travel photos of beautiful places.