High quality Backlink is the most important thing when we want to increase our website’s pageranks as well as traffic.It comes under Search Engine Optimization category that every SEO experts do with the websites or for their client’s website.Now as we all know that commenting is the easiest method to get backlink from any website. Most of the blog allows commenting to engage their readers and blog visitors where users can share their own view about the particular post. Here we would talk about how to get backlink from YouTube ,which is the easiest method and anyone can do it.

You can get backlink from PageRank 2 website by commenting in the comment section of our website because Ehowportal has now Pagerank 2 & We are using commentluv.You can also build backlink from High PR dofollow forum also.

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Getting backlink from YouTube is not hard. Just register an new account with YouTube if you already haven’t or login to your YouTube account.Edit your YouTube profile and there add your website link there.

Get Backlink from YouTube account

This is not the only way How to Get Backlinks from YouTube, but also get backlink from YouTube on particular page of your website.For this you can create video tutorials on the topic from your website and upload it on YouTube along with link back from your website.

Let me explain you with an example.Suppose I have posted a tutorial about How to backup & restore internet explorer setting completely with BackRex.This was software tutorial,so if any person who is using the software will find little difficulty while using it.I have explained everything in the post.If any user not interest in reading articles on any website,the video tutorial will be useful for them.So I have created video tutorial for the topic and posted it on YouTube.

Get Backlink from YouTube - Advanced SEO for Blog
Source : YouTube

When we are uploading such videos on YouTube,we can place a backlink to our website in description box.I have linked the original post on my blog to YouTube video post. YouTube is having PageRank 9 on Google,so this way you can get PageRank 9 backlink for your website or backlinks to any particular page/post of the website.

It is recommended that to create high quality as well as some informative videos on YouTube. This is because your blog would not Get Backlinks to Your Site , but it would also be helpful to someone who is actually looking for such video tutorial. You can create simple text videos for youtube to get just backlink, but if you create video with some information with animation or your personal review video, it would be more helpful for someone to find it. People would more engaged with your video, share it, like it and this way you can do advanced seo for your blog as well as for your YouTube video. You will not have to Buy Backlinks from YouTube.

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If your blog is based on how to guide or tutorial, you can create your own videos using HD camcorder and then publish it. Nowadays most of the YouTube account owner using their self created videos with their own review with. Mostly online marketer use YouTube to promote their products with content marketing & affiliate marketing skills.If you are looking for How to Get Backlinks Fast, you can use YouTube to get Google Backlinks.

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  1. Wow, I never realized this was possible! After this comment I am heading straight to youtube to change so of my how to’s! Thanks, and keep the good content coming!

  2. This is one excellent strategy to have powerful back links. With sites such as YouTube, vimeo, forums and such, a back link such as those are weighted more than back links in comments in some “lame” blogs and sites. Actually, it is better to have several high quality back links than many back links from sites that do not matter.

    Anytime you enhancing your back links, sought out for high quality sites such as ehowportal here. 1 link from here in Google’s pigeon eyes is worth more than 20 links from “normal” blogs probably.

  3. Thanks for the great tipp. I have just added a link to my website on my YouTube Channel and wait for the next crawler coming by.

  4. Thanx a lot Bhavesh, nice share and great tips.
    I don’t know if youtube can increase our backlink too.
    Thanx and hopefully my website can ranking by google ^^

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