After using Facebook for a long time, there was no need to hide my Facebook status from any people because I don’t have a time to update my status and I updates it when I free and relaxing.Just like I today updated that I had finished my exam and feeling relaxing.

There are lots of Facebook addicted peoples who are accessing Facebook from office without let his/her boss know about it or even some people are using proxy website to access social networking website in restricted area.So such addicts know almost everything about Facebook and are using better than me.We know Facebook like social networking websites are give us freedom to meet new peoples and make new friends.This freedom limits when your parents , or uncles who are on Facebook sending you friend request.Generally we deny the friend request from unknown people but can’t deny requests from parents and relatives and this way when we are going to write anything on our status that directly visible to parents and our social freedom is lost.There is solution for each problem and I found the best way to hide your status from your family members and relatives.

Get social freedom without fear from your dadSuppose I wish to update my Facebook status as I mentioned in the box.”Hi, I am Bhavesh loves XXX” on my Facebook as status update but I am little fearing about that while writing such updates if my dad or any other relatives will read that status than what will they think about me.There is little fear for every person about that.You can limit your Facebook status update to certain people and allow your friends by showing such message just by little trick.First write your Facebook status what you want to and than click on the friends > Custom as shown in image above.After clicking on custom, a box will be appear as shown below.

How to Hide adult Facebook status from your momIn that box you can select the option, make this visible to your friends or customize to people.If you wish to hide your status from certain people by name, you will have to write their name on the second box.I mentioned with arrow add name here, you should enter name of the person and click on save changes.You have done.Your parents will never see those updates, so Enjoy freedom.

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