Almost all bloggers are using Google Adsense to monetize their blog and generating revenue in their pockets. One of our readers has asked us about how he can disable Adsense ads on particular pages or posts as like we are showing Adsense ads on most of the pages but not on Contact & about pages. You can either use full-width WordPress page without sidebar for about and contact page which is recommended.

Hide Ads from Specific Page in WordPress

You can remove ads from a specific page or delete ads from a specific page. Check out some of the ways that I recommend if you want to remove ads from any page.

Buy WordPress Theme

You can either buy your favorite WordPress theme from online WordPress theme sellers like ThemeForest, TeslaThemes, Thesis Theme. There are a lot of customized WordPress themes available at very low price there.

There is a specific function to disable ads on all pages or some pages for some theme. You can also check out a preview of the theme or contact theme developer about the feature before you buy it.

Hire WordPress Expert

Another way is to make changes into your existing WordPress theme. You can hire any WordPress Developer which is expert in their skills from, or any such websites to customize your WordPress theme.

Use WordPress Plugin (FREE)

Or you can make use of some WordPress Plugins to do so. I will first recommend you install quick Adsense WordPress plugin as it will help you monetize your blog with Google adsense ads or even affiliate advertisement too. Quick Adsense plugin helps you showing your ads before & after specific paragraph. You can even hide ads from specified ads on WordPress page or post using the shortcode.

I have been using Quick Adsense since long and recommend using this plugin if you don’t want to mess up with coding or you don’t want to spend much more on customizing your website.

wordpress ads plugin - quick adsense wordpress plugin

Quick Adsense WordPress plugin is one of the best ad management plugin for your WordPress blog, I am sure you will not go for any other ads plugin once you start using it. You can even add specific ad block to a specific part in your post or page or even remove it.

The standalone plugin allows you to add ads code and show advertisement by just selecting quick tag buttons in between the posts from HTML menu in the post.

Now If you are setting up any of the pages in which you don’t want to show ads you just need to add NoAds quick tag, that is shown by the arrow. If you don’t see the extra ads tag button on your HTML editor, you can manually add <!–NoAds–> tag in your post.

Once you add that tag on your page, you can see a published page that you have successfully Removed Adsense Ads from that page however other pages are showing ads as usual.

If you have received a warning from Google Adsense saying that the ads should not be shown on the specific page with URL, it is better to remove content if you are not aware of this method.

Using Paid Plugins (Pro method)

Plugins like Divi builder that help you design page or post the way you want. You can make a full page without sidebar or place any elements anywhere in the page using this page builder. You don’t need to have web development skills and you can design your website using such page builder effectively.

I hope this way to disable ads from the specific page has helped you. If it does, please share this post on social media to support us. Also share your thoughts in the comment, which ad plugin do you use on your WordPress blog?


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