Webmasters are doing almost all the necessarily stuffs to optimize their website but each website owner should know the tip how to submit website.If you have a blog hosted on blogspot than you can submit your sitemap manually to Google by Google webmaster tool but if you have self hosted WordPress blog than you don’t have any need to submit your website sitemap to Google but just have to install one plugin called Google XML sitemap generator.

Here is the screen shot of basic setting for Google XML sitemap generator. You can change the tickmark at the relevant option to optimize your sitemap and to submit your blogsitemap to major search engine like Google, bing, Ask etc. So whenever your website is getting updated, your Google sitemap will notify search engine that particular link has been updated or about the new post link and almost similar to WordPress pinging service.

The main advantage you are getting from WordPress XML Sitemap plugin is that you will not have to update your XML sitemap and submit it each time manually to Google webmaster tool, Bing search or Ask  by login in to your relevant account but just tick mark the option you want to submit to and save the setting.you have done.

You will find the automatic generated sitemap for your blog from the URL http://www.yourblog.com/sitemap.xml and you can even choose custom location for your XML sitemap.

Now coming to main topic, how many thing you wish to include in your blog sitemap.You can include or exclude anyting like post page, homepage, static page of your blog from creating your blog sitemap.

Google XML Sitemap Plugin
Google XML Sitemap Plugin

You can even include author page, tag page for submitting it in XML xitemap generator but I will recommend you to choose only homepage, static page and post pages because it will be easier for search engine to crawl your sitemap content if everything you have included to sitemap it will be little hard to find the particular link which stands for original article and search engine will leave your content without showing the original post.

include or excude pages and categories from XML sitemap generator

Now coming to category archives that is quite important in view of search engine.I will recommend you to create category based archive and submit it for sitemap.

This option will help you to exclude unwanted category made by mistake but you don’t wish to delete them as you are getting lots of traffic to your older pages.So the standalone option will help you to serve better, just exclude the categories for which you don’t want to make sitemap and don’t worry about indexing those category pages, you can even de-index those category pages from search engine from your other SEO tools.


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