As we have now Google sitelinks for Ehowportal, we would like to explain some basic tips to get quick sitelinks for your new blog/website.As this tips helped me to get sitelinks for my blog, I would like to share it with you.Sitelinks are mostly determined by the internal architecture of your website.

Get Google SiteLinks & Multiple SERP Listings 1

1.Search Engine Submission: First you need to make your blog appearing on Search engine result page.If you have just created new blog/website, your website URL might not indexed by search engine quickly. In such case, you will need to submit your blog URL to Google.

2.Remove Broken Links: You need to clean your blog and make it broken link free.If you own WordPress blog, you can install broken link checker WordPress plugin. If you are using other blogging platform, you can try online broken link checker and validator tool.

3.Create Static Links: You need to create static links on your homepage.Generally I will suggest you to choose the most searched page or category links can be added.You can choose any page/post links as static links on your blog’s homepage.This will create good impression on Google and Google will consider those links are most reliable to add as sitelinks for your blog.

4.Domain Age: Lots of blogger are saying that Google will give sitelinks to only those blog whose age is more than one year.I will oppose those because my blog is only 4-5 months old and I got sitelinks for my blog.

5.Demote URL to Webmaster tool: If you have created static links on your blog homepage, I will strongly suggest you to demote those links on Google webmaster tools.Demoting URL links to webmaster tools will help your blog to get quick sitelinks on SERP.

6.Good Navigation structure: Your blog should have good and simple navigation system. Try to have list of category navigation links at the top for your blog.You can also add breadcrumbs to your blog post.It will create easy navigation for your blog.

7. Internal linking: As we have already said that internal linking was secret for generating millions of pageviews of Labnol blog.You can also use WordPress plugin to interlink content but it is recommended that you are manually interlink your blog content.

8.HTML & CSS Error: Make your blog template error free.You cantry W3C HTML Validation Service & W3C CSS validation to check your blog coding error.

9.Number of Blog Post: It is recommended that your blog should have atleast 6 posts to get 6 sitelinks on SERP.It would be more than better if your blog has more number of  posts.Try to create 3-5 pages and 10-15 unique post on your blog.

10.Quality Post: The another factor for generating traffic. Try to create unique content on your blog, so you will get quick organic traffic to your blog.You can optimize your blog images for search engine by adding alt tags to images.

11.Sitemap: Try to create sitemap for your blog.Sitemap will help your blog posts indexing faster on Search Engine Results page.

After applying all those tips on your blog, wait for around a week or two to get your site updated on Google.After your blog is updated on Google, you will start seeing your blog sitelinks on Search Engine Results Page.

If you have any other tips, you can share it with us by commenting on the comment section below.