Google+ Followers & Pageviews

Previously you might have observed, you would only able to see number of followers on Google+ profile page or Google+ business page. Recently I have observed Google+ is showing total profile views besides number of followers.

Google+ Followers & Pageviews

You can refer my profile image above. Likewise, you can also check your Google+ profile page for number of views.  You can ultimately check your profile popularity on Google+. This is not only applicable for profile views. If you have blog or website have created Google+ page for your website also, you can check it’s views from there.

Ehowportal Google+ Pageviews

Here is Ehowportal Google+ fan page with number of pageviews there. You can check your Google+ profile and Google+ fan page for number of pageviews there. Check and comment below, how many times your Google+ profile has been viewed.


  1. Hey Bhavesh,
    Yea , I noticed this upgrade yesterday morning. It seems good and also happy with this feature,Anyway thanks for sharing it.

    Ritul Gangwar

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