Recently Google has implemented a new version of all blogspot blogs.Google is now redirecting all blogspot blogs to country specific domain.Suppose if you are from australlia and want to access Google it redirects you directly to instead it self.Same way if you are from India and open Google,it will redirects you to way if you are accessing any [blogname] from Australia, you might be redirected [blogname]

Here are the detailed explanation about it.

Original link :

Redirected link :

The original link of my blogspot blog contain .com in the domain name while redirected URL of my blog contain .in.If any visitors from india visits my,they will redirected to

A visitor from outside india will redirected to .com version of my blog.The new redirection policy has been made available in a Official Blogger help page,so You will get more idea why Google has implemented such changes to all blogpsot blogs.The changes will affects only free domain having only [blogname] blog.Custom domain associated with blogspot will not be redirected to country specific URL.

Q: Will this affect search engine optimization on my blog?
A: After this change, crawlers will find Blogspot content on many different domains. Hosting duplicate content on different domains can affect search results, but we are making every effort to minimize any negative consequences of hosting Blogspot content on multiple domains.

The majority of content hosted on different domains will be unaffected by content removals, and therefore identical. For all such content, we will specify the version as the canonical version using rel=canonical. This will let crawlers know that although the URLs are different, the content is the same. When a post or blog in a country is affected by a content removal, the canonical URL will be set to that country’s ccTLD instead of the .com version. This will ensure that we aren’t marking different content with the same canonical tag.

How to prevent redirection of blogspot from .com to .in

You can still sccess your .com domain version by adding /ncr to the end of URL of your blog.If you wish to access you will redirected to .in version of blog but you can access to .com version by adding you can access all your .com URLs as before.NCR stands for “No Country Redirect” and will always display Blogger blogs in English.

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  1. I wrote a post on the same thing yesterday. Its really sad and irritating. Other than SEO implications, you will lose all your social stats if you use the blogspot domain. Am looking forward to buy a custom domain soon. I don’t trust Google anynmore.

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