Google Adsense is the Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising program launched by Google. It has launched in the year 2003 that serves automatic text, image, video, and rich media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience. The revenue for the publisher is counting on the basis of Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression. The good thing about Google Adsense is that you can apply for Google Adsense with low traffic blogs & you can even apply for Google Adsense account with a free Blogspot blog too.

I personally prefer Google Adsense for my few blogs, however, I also use affiliate marketing for my other blogs. I use both, but when I have no products to monetize my content, I prefer placing Adsense ads banner there.

Everything you need to know about Google Adsense

If you want to get started with Google Adsense, here is an Adsense Guide for you:

Google Adsense Guide

How Does Adsense Work

What is Google Adsense 1

Now you will think, how does Google Adsense work. Let me explain to you how it actually works.

It is a simple advertising program by which many website owners are monetizing their websites. Website owners earn money from each valid click generated from their content and page impression. Generally, per click cost are ranging from $0.1 to $15 or more dollars. This CPC is usually based on where you getting a click.

If your ads receive most of the click from top-tier countries like the USA, UK, Canada there is a chance that you will earn a good amount of money. Whereas if your ads receive clicks from Pakistan, India or any such countries probably you will get less than per click than the USA like countries.

The reason behind this is people spend very good money on advertising from those countries. They hire digital marketers who are experts in lowering down their CPC cost but they spend much more amount on marketing and advertising than India & Pakistan like countries.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a platform for publishers, Bloggers & content creators who pays money to display ads on their blog.

Google Ads

Previously we call it Google Adwords but they renamed it to Google Ads. Google Adsense & Google Ads both are managed by Google.

Google Ads is a platform where advertisers pay money to Google to show their ads on relevant blogs, articles, videos like the content. So we can call it Google ads is a platform for advertisers & Internet marketers.

Google Adsense vs Google Ads

Google Ads receives money from the advertisers while Google Adsense pays money to the publishers. We can alternatively call it Google Ads is a platform for bloggers & content creators, while Google Ads is a platform for Advertisers.

Google is intermediate between Advertisers & publishers. So they are making money from their network, advertisers get relevant traffic & conversation. Publishers can monetize their content. This way, Google has created a win-win situation for all of them and making money out of it.

Google AdsenseA simple concept is Advertisers pay money to Google for advertising their website, Google displays those ads on publishers blog & content that gets traffic. People come to the blog to read information & see relevant ads there. The user clicks on the ads & redirected to the advertiser’s site.

Google is paying around 68% of the money to publishers earned from advertisers. I have seen lots of bloggers getting their Adsense approved easily but due to invalid activities, they get banned. The main reason behind that is they want quick money and thus encourage other users to click on their own ads or they click on their own ads. Those all are counted as invalid clicks and very soon the Google Adsense Account is getting banned because of this.

The easiest way to make money with Google Adsense is by creating content that receives traffic. Search for a problem of peoples and create a post on it solving their problem. You will start receiving a good amount of traffic that can generate long-term revenue for you.

You just need to follow Google Adsense guidelines to keep your Adsense account & making a good amount of money from it. They have very strictly enforced program policies, violating their TOS will lead your Google Adsense account disabling permanently.

How Much Does Adsense Pay

It took me a whole year to get my first $150 payment from Google Adsense, but after that, I have learned how to get more. Now I am a full-time blogger & making enough to make my living. I left my job to become a full-time blogger & now I am!

How To Make Money with Google Adsense

There is a number of ways you can make money online using Google Adsense.

Adsense for Content

Previously they allow only 3 ads unit per page, where the publisher can show up to 3 ads units on their blog. But now you can place more than 3 Ads units per page. Check more details & update about this from here.

Create a blog post by researching good keywords that have low keyword competitiveness. So that you can easily rank for your website. You can try Long Tail Pro for your keyword research activity.

Ad Unit Placement

Usually, you can place Adsense ads on the header, sidebar, below the title and at the end of the title. But you can use the heatmap plugin for your WordPress blog to find out which part of your page users interact most. Place ad unit there to receive the most click and good revenue from it.

how to make money from googleYou can create a responsive Adsense ad unit from your Google Adsense account & place it on your blog. Nowadays publishers can create a responsive ad unit which is a big advantage for them. Especially Auto ads show your ad automatically on the blog where a publisher can make more money from their content.


This is a mobile app advertising platform where an app developer can monetize their apps & launch it on Google Play Store.

There are many android & iPhone app development agencies who are only relying on AdMob earning. So if you are an Android app developer or iPhone app developer, you can earn a good amount of money from Admob.


You can make money from YouTube by associating Google Adsense account with YouTube. They recently implemented a policy of monetizing their YouTube channel when they crossed 1000 subscribers with 10000 minutes of watch time. It is a good step taken by YouTube to kick out spammers and unwanted users & allow promoting genuine content creators.

How much money you can make from YouTube

There is a number of YouTubers making living with YouTube earning. Here is a screenshot of YouTube earning of one of the active YouTube channels that gets paid every month from Google Adsense.

YouTube Earning

This money counted along with your Google Adsense money and you receive your YouTube earning when your Google payment gets issued. You can check the detailed statement of your YouTube earning, your Adsense for content earning along with deduction from your last payment cycle.Google Adsense Payment

How You Will Receive Money From Google Adsense

Previously Google Adsense pays only through check and you will need to deposit it to your bank. Recently Adsense has launched NEFT direct bank transfer for Indian Publisher which was a very effective step taken by Google Adsense. You can add a payment method on your Google Adsense account from the Payment tab of your account.

Google Adsense Payment MethodDepending on your location, the following payment options may be available to you: Checks, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Wire Transfer and Western Union Quick Cash.

How to Change Payment Method on Adsense

  1. Sign into Google Adsense account.
  2. Click the gear icon at the top right side and select Payments Payment settings.
  3. In the “Available forms of payment” section, click Add new bank account or Add a new form of payment.
  4. Follow any additional instructions to choose your form of payment, and save your changes.

How to Create an Adsense Account

It is very easy to start with Google Adsense. Just signup for Google Adsense account & fill-up the form with your website & email address.What is Google Adsense 2

Once done, they will review your website & get back to you with approval or rejection email. Before you apply for a new Google Adsense account, make sure your blog has Contact, About Us, Advertising, Disclaimer page & filled up with good content with proper image & navigation. This will improve the chances of getting your Adsense account approved fast.

When I receive a Google Adsense payment?

Adsense issue payment every month from 21th to 26th of each month. So if you cross your minimum payout amount in your account, which is $100, you can get paid via the NEFT payment method. Previously, Google was paying payment via check, which took a long time for clearing it and appearing credit into our account.

But nowadays Google Adsense is making payment using NEFT in India which is Good for many publishers to receive payment earlier than the previous system.

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Your Turn

This was all about Google Adsense if you need to know anything about Adsense. Do you use Google Adsense to make money from your blog? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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