Recently we came to know that Google adsense is trying their hands on new Page-Level Ads with their publishers. Few users have started seeing Adsense Page Level Ads page according to discussion on webmasterworld forum.Google Adsense Page Level Ads

There were 7 types of adsense ads that users were able to make use of. Now adsense publishers will also make use of two different types of ads format. Anchor ads and another one is vignette ads.

When you click on test it out option, it will redirect you to managing page level ads page on your adsense account. Check out the image below to learn more about page level adsense ads.Google Adsense Page Level Ads

First one is Anchor/overlay ads in adsense account and second one is vignette ads.

Anchor/Overlay Adsense ads

By using this ads, mobile ads will stick to the edge of user’s screen and user can easily hide it. we think main use of such ads are to improve CTR on ads for adsense publishers and this way, google will also allow their adwards users giving more exposure to targeted traffic.

Features of Anchor Adsense ads:

Vignette Adsense Ads

It is the smartphone’s full screen ads that will be appearing between page loads. This ads will cover entire screen of smartphone and this way adsense publishers can increase their adsense earning easily.

Features of Vignette Ads:

  • Improve user experience and adsense earning
  • Similarly not applied to more than 3 ads per page condition
  • Shown to only high end smartphone users
  • Limited in number so that user will not gets annoyed

There is button to enable or disable both ads right from your adsense account.

How to Use Adsense Page Level Ads on My website?

The very first question will come in your mind that, how you can make use of page level adsense ads on your site. Well, if you are able to see below page level option on your adsense account, you can easily make use of this feature.

  1. Login to your adsense account
  2. Go to My ads tab > Content > Page level ads tab

Adsense Page Level Ads Implementation

There you will find out a page and below that, there is a code option. To implement adsense page level ads on your website, you will need to click on get code button as shown in the image below.

Adsense Page Level Ads code

All you need to do is just copy that code, and paste on your website’s head section. Usually most of the WordPress theme will have option to add codes in header file. If not, you can manually add it through header.php file of your WordPress blog. If you are using blogger blog, you will be able to insert that ads easily after head tag.

Have you implemented Google adsense page level ads on your website? How is your experience ? Do let us know your feedback by commenting in the comment section below.