Recently while experimenting and going through Google adsense account, I observed that Google adsense is now allowing publishers to create custom size ads banners for their blog. I have observed that premium adsense publishers were allowed to modify those banner size and were given extra privilege to modify adsense ads to gain more profit from it.But it seems Google adsense is now giving premium adsense publisher’s privileges to all publishers. Its good news for all publishers because publishers would be able to make more money from it.

Adsense Custom Ads Size

How To Create Custom size banner ads from Google adsense?

If you want to create custom size banner ads from your adsense account, you need to do same procedure as that you were doing to make adsense for content ads unit.

Go to my ads tab > Ad Units > New Ad unit and you will see page similar to shown in image above.

From there on ad size menu, choose custom ad size, so below that you will see height and width of ads box, there add custom height and width as per your theme/template. Choose appropriate colors, fonts and size for your adsense ads and at bottom, click on save and get ad code.

You will get code to be added on your blog. If you are using blogger platform, you will need to parse adsense code to adsense code parser, and if you use WordPress, you will have to just paste the given code to your WordPress template directly. If you are facing any difficulty or issue with setting up Google adsense account or ads, feel free to comment below.


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