Did you noticed,Google adsense is trying ads servey for readers.I have seen close button just like we are seeing on closing button on Browser or closing any task.I have seen close button on Google ads.Look at the screenshot for more information.

Adsense closable ads

That’s the screenshot of adsense ads,where at the top site look at the close button.The adsense ads screenshot was taken from amitbhawani.com.Now when I click on the close button,the ads was dissappear saying that “Got it — this isn’t the best type of ad for you. We’ll try to do better next time. Undo.”Where clicking on Undo button the ads appear again.

Adsense closable ads after closing

I have noticed that once clicking on the close button on image ads,the same ads has never appearing to me from that website.I think Google adsense is performing userstudies from visitors and trying to serve best ads to the readers to improve their business.Share if you have came across with any such incidence from Google ads on any blogs by commenting in the comment section below.


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