I have seen lots of Adsense newbie are asking that how many Google Adsense Program ads allowed to add on one page.Newbies think that Adsense if they are addinAdSensead units on pages they will earn more.They believe they will generate more Adsense ads clicks from more units on pages, but the actual thing is not like that.

Adsense ads units per pages

When they are going to add Google Adsense ad units more than 3 per pages, one or more ads block will display blank field, and they think their AdSense account a has a problem.As per Google Adsense Guidelines, Adsense allows the publisher to earn money from fees, Adsense contents, videos, etc.If you know Adsense better, you will probably know limits of ad unit per page, if you don’t know you can read further on how many Google Adsense Ads per Page you can put on your blog.

All publishers can place following Types of Adsense Ads unit/pages:

1.Maximum 3 AdSense for content units (text, image or rich media) per page.(Update: Adsense has lifted this limit for all publishers, check more)

2.Maximum 3 horizontal/verticle link ads unit per page.

3.Maximum 2 Google Adsense for Search box per page.

Even if you are creative in CSS or coding, you are not allowed to modify or make chanAdSenseunit.However, you can add AdSense code on web pages containing content on it, not only ads are allowed to place on pages to encourage clicks.

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    • Dear Sampath,
      Please check the adsense help thread .
      There are lots of advertiser like technorati,zedo that are using adsense ads to show on publisher’s page.They are not actual adsense ads but they are from different advertiser.
      That advertiser is using adsense ads,so it is little bit confusing question.

  1. This is what i was looking for very well explained and simple to understand. Great blog This is the only site i found the info.

  2. Thanks for clearing this up.
    I was going to report one website to Google thinking he had 6 ads, but it turns out that they are 3 ad units and 3 link ads.

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