Gmvault - backup and restore your gmail account

Most of the time we need to backup our important emails to access it when we lost our account/account is hacked or not accessible.Gmvault  lets you to backup all mails from your gmail account on your hard disk. You can also restore it to any gmail account easily. Download and install Gmvault,  Run the program, it would ope commend like window where you need to enter commend to bacnkup your gmail account.

You should enter “gmvault syns [email protected] without comma.Now press enter.

Gmvault - backup and restore your gmail account

 It would load and would tell you press enter, this will open your default web browser and tell you to login. It will ask you message like ” The Gmvault – Backup your Gmail account application on your computer is requesting access to your Google Account for the product(s) listed below.”

If you click on grant access button, it will allow gmvault to access your gmail account information and mails. Here are some important commends that can be useful while using this.

Gmvault: A quick way to fully backup and restore your Gmail account

To access sync help, type gmvault sync –h”
To sync your gmail account , type “gmvault sync [my email address]”
To get help on restoring commends, type “gmvault restore -h”
To restore your gmail mails from pc to account, type “gmvault restore [email address]”

Synchronizing Gmail on Hard Disk:

Once you grant access to your gmail account, it will load commends and start backing up your gmail account on your hard drive. once it completed, a success prompt will appear.

Restoring Gmails From Hard Disk:

Once you got backup on your system, you can easily restore it to any gmail account you want. Press “gmvault restore [email address]” to restore your gmail backup from local drive to online gmail account.This will scan the default backup location and then start restoring the backed up email archive to specified Gmail account.

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Gmvault Features:

  • Backup all your emails on disk.
  • Update your backup in minutes.
  • Restore emails in any Gmail acc.
  • Encrypt saved emails.
  • Handle all Gmail IMAP hiccups.

You can download, install & use Gmvault @

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