You may have read my article on How to get backlink from YouTube likewise backlink is the part of SEO. As many relevant backlinks your blog has, as authority of your blog is improved as well traffic too.Generally peoples who used spammy way to build backlinks for their site are temporary. Either their backlinks get removed by the webmaster, where the link was added or their site caught by Google and de-indexed by search engine for penalty. This ranking is temporary and so many bloggers nowadays use this temporary way to build backlinks for their event based blogs.

Now what, if you don’t want to make your blog like event niche blog, but you want permanent blog with evergreen content that are read by genuine readers, not by search spiders or search engine. Well, you should have to get genuine backlinks from relevant source. As per my view, we can get High Quality Backlinks from relevant forums easily.

Let Forums Link With Your Blog

This is very genuine way to Get Quality Backlinks. You should create a content that are helpful to readers and problem solving blog post. What peoples generally do is, post their questions in the forums about asking solution for the same. So if you have found such questions on the forums, you should write a blog post, mentioning their problems and solving their query in detail.

Let me explain you by an example, suppose I have blog based on best micro sd card. There I am reviewing about best micro sd cards that helps peoples to get right cards for their smartphones or tablet. Now If I want to build backlinks through forum for that blog, I would first visit relevant forum and find the most common questions asked by users.

Fake Micro SD Cards

I have visited such forums and found one of the most common issues by buyers. Some of buyers are complaining about fake micro sd cards. So what I did is created a post based on how to detect fake micro sd card and published it on my blog.

Now what we will do is, we can find such relevant forums where peoples are asking about the same issues. We can create our account there, comment there with our views and at the end of post, write resource link and add our backlinks there with that post.

Suppose, check this sandisk forum where users were having same kind of issue and I commented there at sandisk forum with link back to my site to original post. Now those peoples will not delete the post, if my answers are genuine and really problem solving for their users. That’s the secret of gaining backlinks from forums.

If your solution is worked for some users over internet who have used your blog post to solve their problem and if it is worked. They would also share your backlink with what they did to get the problem solved in such forums. This way, you will get quality Backlink without any efforts.

How to Find Relavent Forums to Get Quality Backlinks

Forums are like having live focus groups at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can find forums that are most relevant to your blog’s niche easily. The easiest way to find forums where your target audience hangs out is to use these search strings in Google:

  • “keyword” + “forums”
  • “keyword” + “forum
  • “keyword” + “board”

Find Untapped Keywords & Backlinks Source

That was search query for Google. Now there is similar website that search engine for forums. You can directly search for forums using

Forums Search Engine

Go to those forums, comment there with solution to threads and add backlink to your site. Make sure you are not just copy-pasting answers on forums but writing your own. Also make sure, you are not hiring any Backlink Services provider to comment with your link to make spam. This way, reputation of your own blog will be spoiled. This way, you will Get Backlinks for temporary base and if your blog is banned by search engine appearing in SERP, it’s your loss.

So how do you build backlinks for your blog from forums. Do let us know by commenting in the comment section below.