There are so many webmasters who are paying a very good attention to optimizing their websites for Search engines. Some of webmasters are also investing a very good amount in SEO agencies to get their website on top of the search engine result page. Some of webmaster know how to target and run local SEO campaign while we can not expect everyone is knowing about this.

SEO and PPC management tools are investing very good amount to Google adwords to get visitors from specific countries. If you are running ppc campaign on Facebook, they also have Facebook Geo Targeting option that allows you to pay for getting traffic from specific location.

While you can also set geographic target in your Google Webmaster console from your end. The fact is Google and other search engines are largely shows country specific results for particular website based on top-level domain of website(e.g ,or .in) & IP of the webmaster from where he is updating his website. Here in this article, we will discuss about how you can set Google Geo Targeting in your Google webmaster account to target visitors from specific country.

Better geographic choices for webmasters

For geo targeting some specific country for your website log in to your Google webmaster tools and if you don’t have yet make new one for you. Because Google will not tell each of the website owners each time that particular page has not been crawled due to errors & giving tips for optimizing website. So create new account if you don’t already have.

You will find out the changes for Geographic location from your Google Webmaster account > Site Configuration > Settings. Here tick mark the target users in and select the specific country on which you particularly want to focus on. However Google will show your website search results in other countries also, so don’t worry if you are getting traffic from other countries organic searches too.After changing your location on webmaster tools, wait for some times like a day or two and Google will show one message in your Webmaster tools account saying that your new Geo graphic target has been set for

Geographic target set message in Webmaster toolsAfter you will get the message in your webmaster tools account you will find your website geolocation has been changed in search engine. Just try searching your website in Google you will get it.

Changed Geographic location in Search Engine Results pageEnjoy your blog traffic targeted from specific country. It took one day to change my geographic location in Google search results pages.Share your views about yours and after changing the geo location how it impacts your website by commenting in the comment section below.

Why Geo targeting visitors for website is important?Google search results pages from India

Well, this is the important when you are want to target some specific country based visitors. Suppose if you are living on Australia or India & you have a website which sells Arabic cloths designs than you can use Arabia as Geo targeting place in your webmaster tools so that it will signals Google that the particular website has been made for the Arabic country and shows your website search results on this country search results page.So you can easily reach to your destination country and visitors to instead globally.In whole world there are not each person likes Arabic cloths designs so it is better to show your results on the specific country.

Suppose you have news website and sub domains from your website like ,, etc so you can easily target each of your sub domain for specific countries and target specific country for specific sub domain easily.This is particularly useful when somebody trying to search from specific country in Google search. As shown in image here,user can change their place and get results from specific place and google will show your website results at that time.

Check out YouTube video from Google about geo targeting visitors.