Have you ever come across any links on your email or even on any website, make sure you hover your mouse cursor over the URL to see destination URL at the bottom of your browser to make sure it’s safe. This thing will not work for shortened URLs that are quite common nowadays on social media.

View Shortened URLs Without Opening ThemWhy they shorten links?

If you trust the websites or email sender, you can check out the links provided by them. But if you see any emails from an unknown sender which is shortened links, be alert. They might be phishing you to get your specific account’s credentials.

Another reason to short URLs is Twitter that allows only 140 character long messages only, so if you post a long URL on Twitter, your word limit will be consumed by URL only. But if you shorten a link, you will add more character to your tweet.

One more possible reason to short link is affiliated links. By shortening affiliated links, it looks more clear and easily sharable. Many bloggers who make money online used to short the links to share with their readers & followers. But sometimes you wanted to check out whether visiting shortened URL is safe to browse or it’s directing you to some phishing URLs. I am here to help you with that, as I will be discussing some of the best way to view shortened URLs without visitng them.

How to View Shortened URLs

Thanks to the websites that let people find out where does this link go using URL expander tools. Some URL shortening service also lets you expand the links using preview option.

Expanding TinyURL links

I was previously using longurl.org websites to expand shortened links but it seems this website is no longer available. I have find a very good alternatives to longurl org for you in this post that you can check out from below.

Here is how you can expand shortened links.

Next time, if you see any links shortened with Tinyurl.com, you can check it’s a preview without visiting the links. All you need to do is just add preview prefix.

tinyurl expander

Let me explain you with an example below.

Shortened link: https://tinyurl.com/ycy73nd6

Preview link: https://preview.tinyurl.com/ycy73nd6

When you visit the preview link, it will show you where the shortened link will redirect you too.

tinyurl.com unshorten linkThis link unshortener tool the is default tool that tinyURL is providing but very less peoples know about it.

Likewise, you can link expander facility of each URL shortening service from below. Check them below.

Expanding Goo.gl shortened links

Whenever you see a shortened URLs that are created with goo.gl service, you can add + sign at the end of URL to see where it takes to you. Check the example below.

Shortened link: https://goo.gl/rts73d6

Preview link: https://goo.gl/rts73d6+

Bitly.com short URL expander

Whenever you see bitly.com link, you can expand shortened URL with bitly just by adding + sing as we did on a goo.gl link.

expand bit ly url

Check out below example to see expand bit.ly URL easily.

View Shortened URLs Without OpeningShortened link: https://bit.ly/2D6w4wZ

Preview link: https://bit.ly/2D6w4wZ+

Expanding is.gd shortened URLs

You will need to add Add – (hyphen) at the end of shortened URLs of is.gl links to see where it redirects to you.

Shortened link: https://is.gd/RTtCMb

Preview link: https://is.gd/RTtCMb-

Check Shortened URLs using online services

There are so many online short link expander services that you can use for FREE to convert short URL into long URL.

I personally use getlinkinfo.com redirect checker service that helps me to find out where does this link go with safety information too. You just need to enter the shortened URL there & check if a shortened link is safe to open & where it takes you to.

how to check if a link is safe

Do let me know in the comments, how do you check short URL? Share your views in the comments below.