is almost worlds larger data base with free WiFi hotspots around the world,majority of data base of the website is from Europe country.Unlike other WiFi location finder web services, you need not to pay for use the service but have to look at sponsored advertisement before you are going to use the internet.They are earning from the forced advertisement you are looking at and in returns you are getting free WiFi hotspot to connect & browse free internet on your laptop(isn’t is good deal!). This website allow you to Find Nearby Free WiFi hotspot around you on map.

freehotspot finder web service

Here is the screenshot of the free hotspot location on Google map that you can see while you visit the website for search for your location.In order to connect to the internet with that free WiFi hotspot, go to that place,Choose from the wireless networks list & watch a sponsored ads to access free internet connection.After watching ads, start surfing.

Features of

  • Easy to use.
  • Unlimited browsing with free public access WiFi areas.
  • Thousands of free hotspot locations on map.
  • Similar web service to find the WiFi hotspot on map is jiwire
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