No matter whether you use Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird or any other email clients for your business. A Professional signature will always create a difference in your style.

There is a quote, “the first impression is the last impression”.

It’s true!

Whenever you are sending any emails to anyone for the first time, your email writing, your words & the email template you have used always make a difference. Your text, writing style says everything about you.

So how to look more professional?

There are several online tools available that will help you to make your own signature for FREE. There are some paid tools available to make an email signature but you really don’t need them if you are just starting, but paid tools to create an email signature will help you in many ways like footer credit removal.

Some free email signature generator will leave their credit at the bottom that, this email signature has been generated using XXX or something like this. A paid version of such email signature template will remove those credit to make it more professional. Depending on how you want your signature, you can use FREE or paid version your self.

Email Signature GeneratorCreate & Setup Email Signature

Here in this article, I will show you some of the tools to generate personal as well as business email signature online.

Creating Email Signature from Templates

If you are looking for any free email signature templates that you can copy & paste it on your email footer for FREE, you can check out below steps. I have found a tool that currently helps you with generating cool email signature with so many designs, layout & template that you can use on your email to make it more professional.

free email signature design generator online

This tool will help you to create you a professional looking email signature that you can simply copy & paste on your email footer to make it more professional.

You can add your personal name, designation, your own profile picture & social media links to this signature & you will see a live preview of your email signature.

Once you have done with editing your email signature, you can click on apply your signature button at the bottom to make your email signature ready to be copy-pasted from this free Email signature maker tool.Steps to apply your signature on email

After that, you will need to apply that copied signature on your Gmail or Outlook account. Check below to find out how you can add your professional looking signature to your Outlook as well as on your Gmail account.

Set Email Signature

Once after your signature is created, you will want to add it to your email client. Check out below steps to add email signature on your Gmail account.

How To Add Signature in Gmail

So, you want to set up your own professional looking signature on your email footer, right.

Follow the steps listed below to add your professional signature on a footer of your every email you sent.

  • Open your Gmail Account > Settings
  • Go to General > Scroll down to see Signature Option
  • Select Signature editor to add your signature on your emails.
  • Paste your copied signature on your Gmail account

Free Email Signature Generator for Gmail & Outlook 1

Once you have done adding your signature there, click on save changes button at the bottom to save your Gmail signature to add signature in gmail with logo

You can now see your created Gmail signature image & text on your Gmail account on every new emails, scheduled emails or even emails that you are replying to. If you are looking for how to insert an image in email signature in Gmail, you should use this technique to place your profile image with your social profile links as a signature of your all emails.


  • No need of any HTML email signature code
  • Easy to use (Just copy & paste your signature anywhere you want)
  • Free to use

How To Add Signature in Outlook

Not every person use Gmail for their business, there are some professionals that use Outlook to create & send their business emails.

Here is how you can add 2016/2013/2010:

  • Open Outlook > Select File
  • Go to Options to go to Outlook Options to change your email signature

outlook signature location settings

Once you select the Options, you will see an Outlook Options from where you can add a signature footer on your outlook emails.

  • Go to Mails from Outlook Option page
  • Select Signatures from there

settings to change outlook signature

You will see a window to change or add your outlook email signature. Here we have to paste our copied email signature that we have generated.

how to change signature in outlook 2010

If you have already added your signature or you are using multiple email accounts with your outlook, don’t worry. You can create a separate signature for each email account you are using on your Outlook.

Here is how you can set a separate email signature to separate email account on Outlook:

  • Click on New > Select Choose default signature option
  • Select the outlook email account for which you want to set up this signature
  • Paste your copied signature on the editor > select OK

Once you have done this, you will start seeing your added signature to each email you are creating & replying.personal email signature on outlook

You can see the above example of email signature that was added on my outlook account for your reference. Here was everything you can do to setup email signature on your Gmail as well as on your Outlook account.

There are a lot of email signature templates available to choose from which you can use on your email signature. Just head over here & find the best email signature template you would like to have for your emails. Add your profile information, data & generate cool signature your self.

If you have never used a signature on your emails, I would recommend you to set up one for your all emails. This will add a professional touch to your emails you are composing & sending.

I was using a tool to generate an email signature which was FREE to use, but they have moved to a paid platform where a user has to pay money to edit their created signature. If you would like to check it out, you can find it from below.

[sociallocker id=”15468″]

Freemium Tool

There you can Make a Signature for all your outgoing emails and forwarded emails. If you are looking for an HTML email signature generator that helps you to create a Professional signature template online. Check out the sample email signature with social profile icons and your website logo that you can generate using this free email signature maker tool.

free signature generator for emails

As you can see the email signature has been generated on a preview image above. To create an email signature like this, just head over to & you will see email signature template maker at the bottom of the page.

I have generated sample Professional Signature Lines from the website by adding my blog logo, URL & my social media channel links so that it looks more professional email signature. You just need to enter the information you want to have in your signature & this will generating email signature according to the data you have entered.

Once you create your email signature for your email client like Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird or any other email service provider & click on generate button, you will see a page where you have generated your signature. They have upgraded their service with a paid tool that helps you to edit it after 29 days. You get a free edit till 29 days so if you want to make changes to your signature before 29 days, you can do it for FREE. After that, you have to upgrade to paid version to make changes to your signature in this email signature maker tool.

Good thing I like about this tool is you can upload your own logo or profile image, your social media links, contact details and everything that should be in a professional email signature.

Once you fill all your personal data on this free email signature creator tool, click on create signature button & you will be taken to a page from where you can implement that signature on various email clients.

Free Email Signature Generator for Gmail & Outlook 2

Email Signature GeneratorYou will see a direct link to your signature with installation instruction for various email clients. By using that, you can set up an email signature on your email clients like Gmail, Outlook or any other email service provider.

It’s a FREE to edit tool till 29 days, so if you don’t like your current email signature, you can edit to change it from the link they have provided you.


Do you use email signatures on your email? Which tool do you use to create customized email signatures? Share your views in the comments below.


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