windows problem reporting high disk

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    I have observed my computer is consuming 100% disk usage so many times. My antivirus seems to be the top most resource consuming app in my window.

    When I started my computer today, it shows disk ran to 100% when I start my pc. It seems too slow running system and I am even unable to move mouse pointer to my screen. It takes few seconds to move when I move mouse.

    Does anyone know, if there is any possibility to solve this slow running computer? When my PC isn’t running at 100% disk usage it performs well.

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    I have found quick solution, check it below.

    1. Open your Control Panel> System
    2. Click on Advanced system settings
    3. Select settings in performance option & select advanced tab there
    4. Click change under virtual memory
    5. Also uncheck the box that says “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” check box
    6. Choose your windows drive(drive where you have installed your windows)
    7. Select custom size radio button as we will allocate custom size to RAM
    8. Configure Initial size equivalent to your RAM size in MB
    9. Set Maximum size to twice of your RAM size in MB
    10. Click on Set > Ok three times and restart your computer

    You will never face such issue again.

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