severe back pain is killing me

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    Problem with me is I was sitting for so many hours long on my computer. It was continue since last 3-4 years and now it has ended with severe backpain problem to me.

    However I am always trying to deal this backpain in positive way. I have started walking around after 1-2 hours, doing few exercise but still this is not getting resolved.

    In fact, backpain is affecting almost everything in my life, I can’t go anywhere because whenever I sit, pain starts in my lower back part.

    Any health expert’s advice would really save me from my backpain problem.

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    Dr. Ashish

    I have heard that there is a tap available in medical store called belladonna plaster. That will stick to your skin and deliver the drug to your skin periodically. This will not actually kill your backpain permanently, but help you to give relief on temporary base.

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    Hi Kavita,

    To cure your problem, you should first know what is causing this problem. When you find reason for happening for this, you will also find solution to this.

    as you have mentioned you are sitting on computer for longer time, this might be major reason for that.

    My advise is you should sleep at the floor without bed at night. This will help you to fix your spine and make it straight. You might feel temporarily relief but practicing this more longer period will help you to cure your sever back pain.

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