Recently I had faced an horrible issue with my internet service provider.I am able to see floating ads on each of the website I am going to open.Even my blogs and others blog alsoLook at the screenshot provided below.First of all I thought my computer is infected with viruses because of the internet connection.So I formatted my computer and wipe up all the data from it.

Forced ads from my ISP-You Broadband

Secondly I had deleted all the database and plugin from my WordPress website because I thought the ads are coming from my blogs and they are showing to all my visitors.Later I found the ads banner at the bottom was shown from when I inspected the element in my Google chrome.This is the tricky way to show floating ads to your visitors and to make money from your website.

My current Internet Service Provider(ISP) is You Broadband & cable India Private Limited.I have changed my internet connection lots of time due to issue with the ISP & each time the reason was that they are not satisfying my complaint on permanent basis.Now You Broadband has tried a new way to earn money from all the connection they are providing.

Whenever the customer are trying to visit any website,the ISP company is showing the pop up banner without any hesitate so user will defiantly click on them and such a way users are forced to clicks on ads and the company is getting lots of money through this tricky plan.So I had filed a complaint to their customer relationship center to do unnecessary changes and make my internet connection without any ads.Let’s see how many days this company is going to resolve this query and satisfying me or not.If you are having same issue with your ISP please share your experience with your ISP by commenting in the comment section below.

Solution : Simple Trick to block all forced ads from browser


  1. I am having the same problem on both my browser (firefox & Chrome). Just like you, I thought it was a spyware or malware. U telecom thinks their customers are stupid & forcing banner ads on them.

    Another thing I noticed was, I think YOU Telecom has partnered up with them. Instead of 404 page message, they are redirected to streamride or something.

    I will officially file a complaint with YOU Broadband. Let’s hope we get this resolved ASAP.

    Let me know if the problem is resolved at your end.

    Chetan Jariwala

    • You can search for the You Broadband on the Facebook and leave your comment there, they will call you and resolve your complaint.My complaint has been resolved this way.

      You too can do this procedure,If still the problem is there,you can definitely file a complaint against them.

  2. Hell All,

    Thank you very much for your blog. It helps us to resolve the same issue in our office.

    We tried to run male ware, spyware and many others but never think it can be done by You Telecom people.
    Really annoying!!!

    Thanks again!!!

  3. Problem is finally resolved. I launched a complaint to customer care. However, this is an alarm for all customers that ISP’s are also trying to take advantage of user activity on the net. You telecom engaging in backdoor activity like this is not acceptable at all. They might get away with it now, but if they continue doing sneaky things behind customers back then someone eventually will file a lawsuit against them.

  4. You are so true. I am also using YOU Broadband. I think this is their yet another tactic to make some money. This is really frustrating. YOU Broadband, are you listening ?

  5. Thanks for the valuable note, I also thought that my computer is also infected and wasted my time to scaning and formatting at last i saw this article, an called my ISP “Alliance Broadband”, firstly they tried to make me understand that this ad will not effect my work, lastly when i disagreed to show it in my computer, then request me to mail them.. let see what will happen. anyway thanks a lot for the info….


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