FlashMirrors is online free file uploading website that allow you to send your files on multiple file hosting service.

FlashMirrors - Free File Upload to Multiple File Hosting Sites

File hosting website provides up great service to upload our files and let us share that file with our friends circle easily.The main advantage to share file over multiple filesharing website is that if one website’s server is down, you can get easily access to your file from other file hosting website.FlashMirrors lets you to create multiple mirrors for your uploaded files easily.

Everything you need to do is just choose the file from local drive of your computer and choose upload button.Clicking on uploading button will take some time to upload files over multiple hosting sites and you will see the page. You will see uploading logo beside the file hosting site where the file is currently uploading and click here logo where file has already been uploaded.

Upload files to multiple file sharing sites

Flashmirrors Features:

  • Upload file on multiple hosting websites easily.
  • No login or signup required.
  • Provide direct download link to your uploaded file.
  • Notify you uploaded file via email.
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You can check out FlashMirrors @ http://flashmirrors.com