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Fix This Webpage is Not Available Error on Google Chrome

Fix This Webpage is Not Available Error on Google Chrome

In this article, we will show you how to solve “This webpage is not available” error on your computer when you’re browsing a website. First of all, this is not a big issue nor specific error. You can also solve this by yourself without any difficulty. But “This webpage is not available” errors happens when this site is blocked or IP address of that website is blocked from cookies. Sometimes this happens when your proxy server is blocked.

This Webpage is not available

If you’re facing this type of problem during internet browsing so don’t worry about it because this is a simple browser error just follows the fix below and get rid of “This webpage is not available” error from Google chrome or another web browser in the windows 7, 8 and 10 operating system.

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How to Fix This Webpage is Not Available Error

Here we have best top five solutions for this type of error on your computer. So let’s follow the solution below.

Delete Web Browser Cookies

Clear Browsing Data from Chrome

If you are facing “This webpage is not available” error on your web browser so don’t worry and try this solution to solve this error. So, first of all, you have to clear your google chrome browser cookies. To clear cookies follow the instruction bellow.

  • First of all, you have to click on the “Customize and Control Google chrome” button that top right-hand corner of your Google Chrome browser.
  • Then click on the “Settings” option
  • Now Scroll down bellows and click on the “Show Advanced Settings” option
  • Then you have to go “Privacy” section and click on the “Clear Browsing Data” button to clear cookies
  • In the popup option, You have to click again on the “Clear Browsing Data” on the All cookies and site data.

Check out below video tutorial on How To Clear Cookies on Chrome Browser.

Reset Your Google Chrome Browser

For this error, you can also reset your Google Chrome Browser. After reset Google chrome browser “this web page is not available” error may be fixed. So just follow the instructions.

  • For reset Google Chrome Browser, you have to click on the “Customize and Control Google chrome”
  • Now click on the “Setting” option
  • Then You have to click on “Show Advanced Setting” option

Fix webpage not available by Reseting Browser Setting

  • Now For Reset Google Chrome Browser, Click on the “Reset Settings” option
  • Then finally click on Reset button to reset google chrome browser.

Flush & Renew DNS

With this solution, you can find the best solution to this error is by Flush and Renews DNS on your computer. It helps to open your computer or device quickly with speed. Whenever you start getting the constant error page that “This webpage is not available”, you can also solve this error by restart the DNS client. If the DNS client has expired, you can see the same error on during internet browsing. only you have to flush it to confirm that still working. It should be by opening all the website page without any error. So try this solution for better browsing.

To Flush or Renew DNS, Open windows command prompt by just typing cmd in the search box. Or you can also try RUN program for open CMD on your computer.

(Note : Open CMD program using “Run as administrator” option)

Open CMD using RUN program :

(Press “Windows + R” Key combination then type CMD and press enter)

And you can also try using a search box. In the search box, you have to type CMD and press enter to open the program. Then type each of Following command line in the CMD program.

This Webpage is Not Available

Type this command in CMD “ipconfig /flushdns” then press enter

Now type and press enter “ipconfig /renew”

Then type “ipconfig /registerdns” and press enter

Type “netsh winsock reset” then press enter to complete this process.

Restart Your Computer and broadband Router

If you are facing this type of problem on your computer during internet browsing. It helps you to solve “This Webpage is not available” error during webpage browsing. So just unplug your Broadband router and restart your computer for at least 10 minutes. This solution remains the fastest and the easiest way of making your computing device work normally.

Double Check WebAddress

Once you have tried all steps mentioned above and still getting This Webpage is Not Available, make sure you are typing correct address. If there is no website available with that name, this can also be a reason of this error.

If you are typing web address correctly, you might be able to find that it was not DNS server error. Because it has nothing to do with the functioning of your computer. When any website you are trying to visit, may be down. So it will work when this website’s server will comes up again. But you will need to make sure you are typing correct URL.

Above steps mentioned, will help you to fix most of the webpage related errors on your computer. You don’t need to try all those methods together. Maybe applying one method will fix your issue. But we have listed the most possible reason that is responsible for This Webpage is Not Available error on browser.

Do let us know how do you fix This Webpage is Not Available or similar error on your computer. Feel free to share your views or additional recommendation to fix this issue.