While browsing some website, you might have seen this error again and again that, “this web page has a redirect loop”. In short, technically it is Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS) means there were too many redirects. You will be able to find how to fix Too Many Redirects Error on your browser.

If you are facing this problem many times and want to solution for this problem don’t worry about it because we have mentioned solution below for this problem. Follow this instruction to fix this problem on your browser.

How to fix this error on chrome and mozilla firefox web browser

You can fix this problem by deleting cookies on your browser, follow the steps below to clear cookies from your web browser.

Too Many Redirects occurred Trying to Open
Redirect Loop Detected – How to Fix Redirect Loop
  • Open “Chrome” browser on your Computer
  • Click on the “Menu” button, on the top right side
  • Scroll down and select “Setting” option from menu
  • In the Setting tab, find “Clear browsing data” option then press it
  • After Pressing on the clear browsing data button, you can see new popup window on the screen
  • Now Choose cookies option than complete the process

After clearing cookies data from your chrome browser, restart your computer and you will see Too Many Redirects Error has been resolved.


  1. If you see the error message “This webpage has a redirect loop” while trying to watch on … A page will appear with the current version of the Chrome browser, along with a notification that updates are available.

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