I currently have two laptops connected to my wireless router. They’re sitting pretty much right next to each other and normally work fine. Lately though, one of them keeps getting that Limited Connectivity message and I don’t know how to fix it. It can’t be the router because the other computer continues to work just fine; it’s only happening to the first one. Any help??

Well, the Limited Connectivity error shown sometimes and we are unable to browse internet.I felt Limited Connectivity issue sometimes when I was eager to browse internet on my desktop,however I am able to browse internet connection through my laptop and Dell mobile.If you are facing limited connectivity problem very often,you can try this little trick to solve your limited connectivity problem.

How to Solve limited area connectivity

Go to your local area connection from Control panel>Network and internet connection>Network connection.There choose the property of your local area connection.

Solve limited area connectivity

In property,uncheck the option Notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity.And choose OK button.Now you have done.Now disable and enable local area connection from network connection.You will see notification saying acquiring network address and connected.The error of limited area connectivity will never disturb you again.

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  1. I have gotten that error in the past, but is usually because I am too far away from the router, or there is a channel conflict with other wireless devices. Changing the channel usually has solved it for me, until my router went belly up.

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