If you are managing multiple blogs, you might have to edit or modify files from server. if you are web developer, you might have need of editing website stuffs and codes all the time. So you might be using FTP programs like Filezilla which allow you to edit or modify files directly from your computer. You would not have to login to your cpanel of your hosting account each time. Just configure ftp server credentials with FTP client software and you have done. We have found new FTP extension for Firefox that is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP/SFTP client, which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP/SFTP servers.

How to Use FireFTP in Mozilla Firefox

  • To use FireFTP on your browser, first go to FireFTP page and install it on your browser.
  • Now go to Firefox option menu > Tools > Web Developer > and select FireFTP.

How to Use FireFTP in Firefox

  • Now new window will be opened on your browser where you have to configure your FTP account for your server.

Steps to Configure FTP account in FireFTP

  • You can configure your FTP account from account manager by clicking on create an account option just below URL bar. Configure your account name, host, login ID, password for your FTP account for setup and click OK.
  • Once it has been configured, you would see the account name below URL bar, choose that account name and click on connect there. It would connect to your server and list file from your server on right side.

For your help :
Account name – You can keep it as any name you want
Host – IP address of your hosting account
Login – Login ID e.g. [email protected]
Password – enter your FTP password there.

Configured FTP account using FireFTP

FireFTP has similar user interface like FileZilla and you can easily edit,move or modify files across your computer to your FTP server.On right side you would see files from your computer and on other side, you would see files from your computer server.

FireFTP  features:

  • Directory comparison
  • Syncing directories while navigating
  • SFTP, SSL encryption
  • Search/filtering, integrity checks
  • Remote editing, drag & drop, file hashing etc.

If you are already using FileZilla, you should try FireFTP. It is really time-saving add on for Firefox.

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