Recently we have discussed about Google Disavow Tool and how to use it. You can use SEO Tool like Majestic SEOAhrefs & SEOMoz‘s Open Site Explorer. You can get detailed reporting about your backlinks from those tools but we have found new tool to find  spammy, artificial, or low-quality links pointing to your site. You can easily find such toxic link by using using

You can add your blog URL to monitor or connect your Google analytics with, it would import data from your Google analytics to give you detailed SEO Audit report.So let’s take a tour on how to use monitorbacklinks to find toxic backlinks and remove them for better SEO.

Backlink Report and Finding Toxic Backlinks

There are main three navigation option which allow you to use this tool in better way.First one is select domain, from there you can add your own URL to complete SEO analysis with backlinks, anchor text and much more. Second menu will show you URL for your added domain names, you can select them to directly navigate to particular options provided there.(Shown in above image). The third menu is SEO tools option shows you free backlink checker tool, redirect checker and unique domain option.

You should select your domain name from second option, drop down option would appear. Select backlink option from there, so you would redirected to backlink page. Here you would get complete list of information including dates. Beside that, there is flag like symbol that is important, you can check the status of your backlink. If it is good, you would see OK message, otherwise NF.You can hover the mouse on that to know more about it.

Backlink Overview of Monitorbacklinks

GI : It is Google Indexed status. You will see page and domain indexed or not of your backlinks. I would advice you to disavow links and domain that are not indexed.

Link From : This is the origin URL from where you got the backlink. You can click on URL to go to that specific page.

Link to : Here you will get the URL of your own domain which is linked to that page.

Anchor text : You will find the link anchor text which is used to link back to your blog.

PR : This will show the PR or the backlink giving page.

Moz Metrix : If you have recently your blog for SEO analysis, you would see Moz Metrix within 24 hours.

S : This will give you social signals for your linked website.As many share as shown there, the more that page shared on social networks.

TLD : Shows you Top Level Domain for backlink giving page.

IP : Here you would find the IP address of backlink provider domain with country flag. You can hover the mouse on flag to view IP address.

Ext : It will shows count of external dofollow links from that backlink giving page. As number is high, quality of backlink would be low.

How to Disavow Backlink Giving URL or Domain :

While looking at the report of backlinks, you would find above details. At the last, you would see setting like icon upon clicking on that button, you would see edit, recheck, disavow domain , disavow URL or delete option from there.

How to Disavow Backlink Giving URL or Domain

Check the domain status and URL status, if you wish to disavow domain completely from Google Disavow Links Tool, select depending on your requirement. It will be added to disavow list, first of all collect all URL that you want to disavow and add them to your list.

Next step is to exporting a list of disavowing domains and links in text file. Very good thing is that you can directly export the list in text file format that is officially suggested by disavowing Tool from Google webmaster tool. You can click on export link to export that the file. You just have to upload that exported file directly on your Google Disavowing links tool.

Disavowing Domain List Export

Once you click on export, it would prompt to download a text file that is generated in Google Disavow Links Accepted format. So download it and upload it on Google Disavowing links tool. Once you get success message, you have done.

Recommended Backlink Monitoring Tool from Ehowportal for big SEO Agencies and SEO Service Providers. I have still testing important factors of this backlink Monitor tool and I think it may be one of my favorite backlink monitor tool. While using monitorbacklinks, I have found My blog has around 7 domains and 360 suspecious URL that were creating negative SEO for my blog. Kudos to tool to help me to prevent my blog from negative SEO & Help me to Find Toxic BackLinks to Disavow.

Spammy URLs to disavow from Google Webmaster Tool

I would soon sharing my personal view and traffic statistic for Ehowportal Blog after using monitorbacklinks tool. Features :

  • Protect Your Website from Negative SEO
  • SEO Metrics from Moz Metrix, Pagerank, Anchor text etc At Your Fingertips
  • Export all links to disavow in Google Disavoing Links tool accepted format.
  • Automatic Backlink Monitor tool to Find Backlinks to Your Site.

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If you are using other backlink monitoring tool or using this tool to monitor your backlinks, feel free to share your suggestions and experience in the comment section below.