SEO is the important part of any website, if you are regularly performing SEO audit of your blog, you will never fail. Any search algorithm update would not affect your site, because monitoring SEO frequently would help our blog to stay updated with latest updates from Search engines. If you want to know which keywords are performing the best from your site, SEMrush SEO tool is the best tool to find that out.

SEMrush Review

You can increase your blog’s traffic by 80% using this trick. All you need to do is use SEMrush to find the best performing keyword which are driving traffic to your blog. Search that keywords in depth, create post based on those keywords and you would start ranking for specific keyword.

SEMrush tool is also identified as the best SEO/SEM tool for SEO/SEM professionals. It would also helps you to Find Top Keywords for any website. You can search for your competitor website’s top ranking keywords and start ranking for those keyword using it. I am now became big fan of SEMrush tool, because itbecame my favorite SEO tool for researching keywords.

Interesting thing I like about SEmrush is Keyword Ranking Reports. You can search for any keywords or any domain name to get complete SEO reports including Top Google Keywords as well as volumes, CPC and number of results for that searched query.

Best Search Engine Optimization Tools - SEMrush

If you are looking for the best Keyword Ranking Software, none can replace SEMrush Online Search Engine Optimization Tools.

How to use SEMrush to Find Top Keywords of any website :

If you want to Find Top keywords for any websites, you can enter the domain name of that website in SEMrush search bar. You would get complete information about it from overview option provided at the top of sidebar.When you scroll down, you would get top keywords, main compititors, keyword position distributions, competitive positioning map with graphical report.

SEmrush - Find Best Keywords of any Website

Now you want to research the top keyword of that website, so you can click on view full report to get the list of those keywords. I have taken example of for example.However I have hidden the keywords, because this is for tutorial purpose. It has total 13.7K keywords for which they are getting traffic. On the column, you would get keywords, position in SERP, volume, CPC, URL of the page, Comp., traffic, results, trend and much more. SEMrush Top Ranking Keywords

After using premium version of SEMrush, I must say it is must having SEO tool for internet marketers and eCommerce website owner to research competitive keywords. You can also get idea about how to get ranked for specific keyword on Search Engine. Premium version of SEMrush will give you complete report with detailed analysis, while free version would have some limitation.

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If you are new to SEMrush, you can get SEMrush FREE Trial account from Ehowportal. You can use that link to get 14 days FREE trial for SEMrush agency account. From my personal experience, I can say after researching keywords, if you use SEOPressor WordPress Plugin to target specific keyword, you would get quickly ranked on SERP for that keyword.