Easy way to find dofollow or nofollow links of any website

Recently I had met with an excellent plugin which was so nice that I can’t stop my self sharing with you.This is only Firefox Add-ons that helps you to improve your SEO score of your blog and also if you are trying to write guest post on any website, you can check if the blog owner is really allows you to add dofollow links in your articles or not.

If you are blog or website owner & trying some nofollow plugins/coding for comments, you need not to open view page source and find the rel=”nofollow” words in page source because the extension will do that for you.It will tell you each and every link on any website has how much do-follow links & how much nofollow links.Let me explain you with details.

Easy way to find dofollow or nofollow links of any website

Here is the screnshot of my website comment section.After installing fresh WordPress with this domain, I got 30+ spam comments within just 3 days of launching this website in sample pages so I decided to activate akismet WordPress plugin which is believed to be the best anti-spam WordPress plugin among the WordPress owners.I had added nofollow attributes with WP External Links WordPress plugin.

How to find nofollow-dofollow links in firefox I had checked from view page source in source code in my website comment section and it was OK, but I wanted to see other internal links & external links status if they are dofollow or nofollow.Than I searched for plugin that helps me to check all my links on page for Dofollow or nofollow status and I found an extension for Mozilla Firefox browser. All you need to do is just download the Nofollow FireFox add-ons in your Mozilla & install it.After installing it, your browser will prompt to restart.

Restart it and than whenever you want to check any website or any webpage that has how many dofollow links or nofollow links just right click your mouse & click on NoDoFollow as shown in image here.After clicking on the NoDoFollow option, you will be able to see the nofollow links as red colored background mark and dofollow links as blue colored background mark. I had shown you only comment section image with red and blue color links.By using this add-ons you can monitor your content on other website you posted as guest post for increasing dofollow backlinks to your blog.

If the owner of blog is saying that the blog is dofollow for author of if anybody claiming that his blog is commentlov and has dofollow in comment section you can spy on him with the awesome Firefox plugin. So check any website before you are going to bookmarking your website on social bookmarking site or linking your website with guest post on other website and improve your blog rank with Dofollow links.

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  1. This is really awesome stuff. I’s really a handy firefox add-on to check dofollow or nofolllow sites. Thanks Bhavesh for this excellent post 🙂

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