We all know building backlink for a blog is a very important step to get our blog ranked on search engine result page as well as to drive more traffic to your blog. Usually commenting on blogs gives you nofollow links only, but some blogs do offer dofollow links as well.

Getting more quality backlinks to your site help you improve your blog’s domain authority & also help your blog in having lowest Alexa rank. Usually, advertisers filter the blogs with less than 1 lac Alexa rank blogs for sponsored post opportunities.  If you want to make money from a sponsored blog post, try improving your domain authority of blog as well as get lowest Alexa rank to qualify.

Drop My Link - Find Commentluv Blogs EasilyGetting backlink is quite important in terms of SEO too. It’s not difficult to find out quality blogs to comment on. All you need to do is find SEO footprints to build links & if you use a tool like dropmylink, it will be even easier for you.

Previously you were able to find dofollow commentluv blogs & keywordluv blogs using DropMyLink website. They have added more features for finding SEO footprint of blogs but you will need to create a FREE account on their website to use their FREE service, which was free to use without login previously.

Drop My Link

How to Use Drop My Link

Just enter the keyword related to your blog post. You can filter your search query by time, results & TLD from the search options available at the top.

After that, enter your niche or keyword & choose a category. Suppose if you want to find out blogs that accept guest posts on it, select guest posts from the category option. If you are working on resource page link building, select that option from category option. If you want to find out blogs to comment on, select comment backlinks from the category.

Drop My Link - Find SEO Footprints To Create Backlinks On

Next option is for footprint, suppose you select a category of comment backlinks, it will help you to find the footprint of comment backlinks. Likewise, if you have selected guest blog as a category, it will look for the guest blogging footprint of blogs and show you the results.

Let’s give a try by searching a keyword to find out CommentLuv blogs. When we click on search button, it will take us to Google with specified query & suggest you the pages which are using CommentLuv on their blog.CommentLuv Blogs footprint

Likewise, you can search for guest blogs, keywordluv blogs, forums and many more footprints that help you with your link building campaign. If you are working solo or as a freelancer, this tool will help you to make your task easier.

This is nothing because you can also search any blogs of them yourself, you just have to search for following queries in Google, and you will get the same results. But it is a time-saving technique. You need not to search, copy and paste any queries on Google each time, just select the blog you are looking for, enter keyword and press enter to go there.

Keywords you can search on Google to get Blogs for Commenting

  • Your Niche “Allowed HTML tags:”
  • Your Niche “Enable CommentLuv.”
  • “Powered by ExpressionEngine” “Your Niche” site:.us
  • “Add comment” Your Niche
  • “Post comment” Your Niche
  • “Write comment” Your Keywords
  • Your Niche “leave a comment” / “leave a comment.”
  • Your Niche “Notify me of follow-up comments?”+”Submit the word you see below:”
  • Your Niche “Remember my personal information” + “Notify me of follow-up comments?”
  • Your Niche “This site uses KeywordLuv.”
  • Inurl:.edu “Powered by WordPress.”
  • Some other ways to find
  • Your Niche  “top commenter.”

Pro Tip: To get your content noticed, find out long tail keywords using Long Tail Pro & create an article on the topic that has lowest search competition according to that. You can also search competition manually, but this tool will make your task even easier.

Create content on that low competitive keywords & find commenting opportunities. Start commenting on blogs & build comment backlinks there. You will notice, your content will be ranked only with few comment backlinks.

Dropmylink Features:

  • Search blogs to comment on quickly with keywordluv or CommentLuv Blogs.
  • Easy to use and FREE.

Check out this website to find any blog’s footprint from Here.

How do you build backlinks to your blog? Do you get links organically or you are building backlink your self? What type of backlink does work for you? Share your views in the comments below.


  1. This is awesome tool. I was looking for something like this to find dofollow blogs. Thanks a bunch

  2. Thanks for this. I was looking for a good way to find niche relevant blogs for my local Chicago SEO clients. I have one guy in the robotics niche and I know very little about it what so ever. This tool will make it a lot easier to find placed to drop my relevant links. Thanks again 🙂

  3. Very nice article bro,
    In my opinion commenting is the best method to get backlinks. And this tool is ultimate tool to find dofollow blogs.

  4. Thanks for this tool..bro..this is very helpful to find blog which can be useful to get backlinks by commenting….

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