FileFactory is the easiest way to host any file in the cloud. Upload and share a file up to 2GB online for free. FileFactory file sharing service lets you upload movies, upload music, store documents, images, zip files and more. You can upload any file in any format & downloaded for free. They allow up to a massive 2000MB for each file you upload. There are no limits to the number of times a file can be downloaded.

Free file hosting. File sharing. File upload.

You will need to create a new account or you can also login with your social networking accounts like facebook, twitter or google+. Once you create your account, you will be able to login to your account.

Filefactory Myfiles Dashboard Overview

You can see here most your files which are most downloaded, least downloaded, newest files, oldest files. You can also track how many times your file have been downloaded. You can create the new folder, password protect your folder from this section. There are much more features you can use like share download link via email, rename your uploaded file or folder, password protects it and much more.

Filesfactory Upload section dashboard overview

Next turns come to upload section where you can upload files up to 2000MB. There are mainly three methods by which you can upload your files to the cloud.

Upload a File: Lets you to upload files right from your browser.
Remote Upload: Lets you to upload files from external URL. You can add as many links as you want.
FTP upload: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, If you want to upload large size files, it is recommended to use FTP. Its premium feature and you will need to have premium Filefactory account to use this feature.

From my account section, you will be able to manage your profile like passwords, email address, social media accounts etc. There is an interesting section in Filefactory by which you can make money. You will get money in your Filefactory account whenever anyone downloads your uploaded content.

FileFactory Partner Program

You can make money online in two ways from Filefactory, You can enable partner program and choose which method you want. First one is a pay per sale program and another one is pay per download program. Minimum payout is $100 USD via PayPal or WebMoney Purse.

Filefactory Features:

  • Free File Hosting Services & easy to use.
  • Best Pay per Download site.
  • Make money by Pay Per sale or Pay Per Download.
  • Upload file up to 2000 MB.
  • Login with Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account.
  • Make your folder password protected.
  • Upload files with any extension.
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